Residents of Sector 21 Spent Rs 7.5 Lakh To Make Their Area “Swacch”

Chandigarh has always served as an epitome in the spheres of cleanliness and peace for other states of India. For many years the citizens of Chandigarh have acted responsibly on the issues of littering and garbage disposal. The seniors have maintained a uniform set up of arranging society meetings in every sector on monthly basis where they regularly discuss the rising problems and changes to be made for better living.

All these initiatives have kept the charm and glory of the City Beautiful intact till this time. And mind you that people of Chandigarh take the matter of high quality living very seriously and the residents of Sector 21 have proved it in a big way recently.

When “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan” Is Put Into Practice

Practicing cleanliness is not a one time event restricted to certain states and people. It is a regular exercise to make our surroundings better for the sustenance of future generations.

The inhabitants of Sector 21, Chandigarh have shown in a great way the right way to practice the new “Swacch Bharat” gambit started by the PM Narendra Modi.

The residents under their Citizen’s Association have shipped a Rs 7.5 lakh grass mowing machine all the way from the US to clean the area of their sector that gets pooled by dead leaves, flowers, sticks and other wastes during autumn and summers.

The machine is very unique in its way as it not only collects the dry leaves and waste but also turns the waste into manure by crushing it finely that further solves the disposal issues.

in Chandigarh, Cleanliness Is A Joint Endeavour

The Citizen’s Association formed by the residents of Sector 21, display a fine example of achieving big things with joint efforts. Cleanliness is not only the responsibility of the MCs but it is more dependent on the denizens of our society who play the biggest part in spreading waste around. Thus, we people can efforts on small scale to help the MCs and bring about changes on a larger scale.

Source-The Tribune

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