Here’s How Chandigarh Capitol Complex (World Heritage Site) is Being Restored

Capitol Complex has brought laurel to the city beautiful Chandigarh by making it to the world heritage building. Capitol Complex that was constructed in 1950 by Le Corbusier in Chandigarh, UT Administration is starting the work for its restoration. Prestigious buildings of Chandigarh like Punjab & Haryana High Court, The Civil Secretariats of both the states, Haryana Vidhan Sabhas and open hand monument of Chandigarh will be restored back to its original beauty. UT Administion has even hired a firm to work for the same.

What will be the change?

UNESCO has declared the Capitol Complex of Chandigarh as World Heritage in last year. But the beauty of Capitol Complex has been faded with passing time, the embedded figures on the walls was also faded and the colour of the buildings was also hampering the beauty of it.

  • Paintings of walls, doors and windows will be carried out to bring it back to the original.
  • Open hand monument will be given a shiny look as a part of the restoration.
  • Will treat buildings in such a way that seepage of water can be reduced and fungi formation will be prevented.
  • A uniform colour will be given to the buildings of Capitol Complex in Chandigarh.
  • The logo of UNESCO will also be displayed in the Complex.

The restoration process will also cover the structural repair as per the Le Corbusier’s original plan.

And the total cost of restoration

The work for the restoration of Capitol Complex Chandigarh has been handed over to a Delhi- Based Firm. The firm hired by the UT Department has the experience to restore Rashtrapati Bhawan of New Delhi and many other heritage buildings in India. Delhi- Based Firm will complete the restoration process in 3 months and it will cost around Rs. 3 crores for the same work.

The restoration work has been started by the firm and if you travel to Capitol Complex of Chandigarh in another 3 months you will be surprised to see the new look. Isn’t it exciting, just a wait of 3 months and experience some change in the buildings of the city.


Gurjit Kaur

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