Review of 4raBet Mobile App

4rabet is a relatively new online betting platform. However, it managed to win the hearts of bettors around the world and in India in particular. Today, we’ll discuss this betting portal from the perspective of its mobile 4rabet apk.


The company itself has the Curacao registration. It means that it can conduct betting and money management activities in the major Asian states, including India.

Android 4rabet App Download Instructions

There are two possible ways to conduct the 4rabet apk retrieval with the further 4rabet app Android installation.


The first way implies downloading the 4rabet app from the 3rd party source, while the second implies the official site. It is a bit tricky, though. So, here is what you must do:

  • the first paragraph of this text contains a link to the website. The service contains lots of useful information concerning different betting platforms available in India and the link to the 4rabet apk download in particular;
  • hit the green button to start downloading the 4rabet app apk!

The second variant algorithm:

  • take your phone and open a mobile browser;
  • type in the address field to get to the mobile version of the official website;
  • in the right upper area of the main page, you will see the iOS and white Android icons;
  • tap the Android icon to start the automatic 4rabet app download apk retrieval!

You might ask “And where is a trick? Everything seems to be easy…” The answer is amazing: you will not see any 4rabet app download links in the standard website version! There would be no links or separate application pages as well. You will not find the app in Google Play! Store either. A correction: you will not find an official app. There are many frauds or fake apps using the name 4rabet and its variations. Do not download them by all means if you want to save your personal information.

How to Install 4rabet Application in the Android OS?

So, you’ve got your 4rabet apk downloaded. Now, you need to pass through the following steps:

  • check if your device allows setting up the applications retrieved from the 3rd party sources. You can do it in the Settings section;
  • tap the 4rabet app file and agree to start the process;
  • when it is over, find the 4rabet app in the main menu and tap to open it;
  • let the app check all the permissions;
  • now, you can observe the mobile app version of a betting platform and create an account by hitting the blue profile button in the upper right corner of the screen!

Is There Any iOS 4rabet Application Available for Download?

The situation is complicated in this case. Unfortunately, there is no stable 4rabet app for iPhone right now, so the service does not provide access for the 4rabet download from Apple devices. You might have noticed the Apple icon in a mobile version of the site. The current link leads to the wrong 4rabet application.

iOS 4rabet Setup: Is it Possible At The Moment?

As we said, the link leads to the wrong 4rabet app for the iphone. The direct search in the App Store will not bring results either. However, you should not fall into despair. Get your Safari and play with the mobile browser site instead of the 4rabet app ios version.

4rabet Mobile Browser Site: Is It Good Enough to Substitute an App?

The mobile version of this betting platform does not differ much from the application layout. However, if you’ve got a powerful device to run the site without delays and glitches, it can be a good substitute for an app.

There are four main sections of the mobile site:

  • the upper area contains the main menu icon, a link to the help center, a logo, the buttons of logging in and account creation, and the app download links;
  • the area below is represented by a spinning carousel slide set. It shows all the promotion and featured events banners;
  • the middle section is the largest. It contains the most popular sports and betting lines. So, you can make an instant bet from the main page;
  • the bottom section is full of various links leading to guidelines, conditions, and other options!

Also, there is a sticky bottom line with the main 4rabet gambling options. From the main menu, you can choose the betting mode and access the company blog. Both versions have the same profile icon leading to 4rabet app login. The contents there do not differ from each other at all.

Along with similar features, the mobile site has two advantages over the application. It is available to open a site in different browser tabs. For instance, you want to watch the live streaming of a game and play a slot in a casino. The application will not give you a chance, while the mobile site can do it with ease.

The second advantage is the ability to run the casino and betting platforms simultaneously. The app has an in-built casino as well, but it does not allow splitting the screen for bath gambling delights.


Do the Mobile Browser and App Versions Differ?

The differences exist, but they are few and minor. First of all, there is no difference between the main functions of the 4rabet casino and the betting platform. The site is free as well as the 4rabet app free download is available.

A slight difference in performance exists, though. It seems that an app is optimized better: it is a bit faster, the layout is more stable, and the menu is more convenient.

The last difference – an app holds the button that gets you to the online chat instantly. On the site, you need to get to the help center first. The mobile site version has the phone icon instead of online chat. If you tap it, you will start a call to the help center. It is not as convenient as it seems.

Are There Any System Requirements for the Android 4rabet Application?

They exist, but they are not harsh:

  • Android 5+ version;
  • about 100 MB of memory space;
  • stable Internet connection through 4 g or WiFi!

System Conditions To Run The Apple OS 4rabet Application

Unfortunately, this information is currently unavailable due to the missing iOS application. You’ll just need a Safari browser to run the mobile site version.


In the very beginning, there were a lot of rumors around 4rabet. Somehow many observers considered the site to be a 100% scam. It took some time for the service to retrieve its reputation. Now, it is a small but solid betting platform that has its fans.

As for the application, we miss the iOS version and hope it will appear again soon. The android app shows good performance: it is powerful but lightweight. So, if you seek a quiet place where you can conduct betting for fun, download the 4rabet app.


Here are the most frequently asked question answers to clarify some essential points:

Do I have to pay to install the 4rabet application?

No. All the applications, independently from the OS choice, are free to use, download, and install. However, you must be aware of the betting platform deposit requirements. The application implies funding the 4rabet account.

How can I enter my 4rabet application?

Go to the main menu of your device and find the application list. Search for the 4rabet APK and tap on it to launch. Your device must be connected to the Internet. Use the preferred logging in option to enter your 4rabet account.

What are the deposit methods in 4rabet available for Indian residents?

To get such an option, you need to create a user profile first. In the application, you will see the button “Deposit” situated in the upper screen area. Hit it to get to the payment method chosen. The following depositing means are available in India: the Interface of Unified payments, electronic bank transfers, the Gpay system, and some cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Etherium.

How can I place a bet within the 4rabet application?

Right after your deposit being successfully confirmed, go to the markets (or sports0 section. There, you can choose certain kinds of sports. You will be shown the tournaments and matches available for betting., choose a line or a selection and enter the desired bet size.

How is it possible to withdraw my winnings through the 4rabet application?

You will find the corresponding option in your profile section. Choose from two variants: Paytm and IMPS. Then hit the “Order the payment” button, fill in all the necessary info, including the sum you would like to have. The request will be processed and fulfilled in a certain amount of time.


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