With Over 125 Cases of Snatching, Chandigarh Police Arrested a Serial Snatcher Who Used to Live Like ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye’

We all loved Dibakar Bannerji’s 2008 classic Oye Lucky Lucky Oye where Abhay Deol a.k.a. Lucky goes around stealing in the whole city while maintaining a lavish lifestyle for himself. While we merely enjoyed the movie, some might have thought of it as inspiration.

The story of 31 year old Vicky has an uncanny resemblance to Lucky’s character. The 31 year old has executed 125 cases of snatching in the Chandigarh city since 2005 when he was first arrested. He apparently rents an apartment in Sector 46 of Chandigarh while his wife and son live in their own place in Delhi. He has also invested quite some money in the lucrative Real Estate business as well. Vicky’s father was a bootlegger. He had also tried his hand at illicit liquor but did not find it lucrative enough.

Serial Snatcher Arrested in Chandigarh:

After creating what one can call a record of 125 cases of snatching, it seems like the 31-year-old Vicky was having a bad day on the 14th of October, Saturday. After getting a tip-off, the Chandigarh police from the anti snatching, robbery and dacoity detection cell caught Vicky and two of his partners – Usmain Ali and Shakil Ahmed aged 32 and 40 respectively. Usmain Ali and Shakil Ahmed both work as tailors in Delhi while Vicky hails from Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandhseher. The Chandigarh Police recovered a number of two-wheelers and a total of 13 snatched gold chains.

How the Snatchings in Chandigarh were executed:

Vicky and his partners used stolen two-wheelers for the snatchings in Chandigarh. The two-wheelers were given fake registration numbers and the number plates were changed frequently. The elderly women in Chandigarh city were the favoured prey as it was easier to snatch their chains without much effort. When the stolen Gold ornaments were hard to sell in Chandigarh, they were sold elsewhere. If that too went in vain the snatchers would mortgage the gold to get a loan from private financers in Chandigarh. He has been named a prime offender in more than 100 cases and has also served jail time for few cases.

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Source : Hindustan Times


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