“Right To Privacy” & “Aadhar Case” | Here’s What Makes Supreme Court in India Go Berserk

“Right To Privacy” and the ‘Aadhar Card’ controversy finds itself being the talk of the entire nation in no time. Right To Privacy being the most questionable right of citizens which finds no roots and no origin in the Indian Constitution has surrounded itself in the discussions with so much so that “Aadhar Card” also finds itself entangled in the remains of Constitutional Rights of India. With many petitions filed in the Supreme Court pertaining to the Right to Privacy of individuals being exploited in the ‘Aadhar Card’, a 9-judge bench is all set to hear the case now.

Right To Privacy & Aadhar Case: The Controversy

The entire controversy which now Supreme Court, which is the apex court in India has to deal with now is related to the right to privacy being hampered with the Aadhar Card. Here’s what the filed petitions say.

  • The process of making Aadhar Card and data that government takes from individuals hinder right to privacy of individuals
  • The scanned images of Iris and fingerprints used in UID Aadhar Card reveal a lot more about citizens
  • Revelation of such minute details of each individual to generate a number interferes with privacy of them
  • The Aadhar scheme records the precise details like these takes in the data in millions of our population
  • The personal data like these makes individuals vulnerable to threats and fear of misuse of the data

Right To Privacy, Questionable Right With No Roots?

Right from the year 1954, many times it has been observed that the right to privacy has never been considered as ‘Constitutional Right’ by the authorities. Repetitively, it has been observed that prolonged discussions under the able guidance of benches of judges in the Supreme Court have revealed no change in the status of ‘Right to Privacy.’ The interpretation of fundamental rights mentioned in the Indian Constitution by the current authorities might differ from each other, but the common judgment pertaining to the right to privacy has always been the same. Involving ‘Aadhar Card’ in the existing controversial issue of Right to privacy has made SC go helplessly this time.

A bench of nine judges this time would cater to the discussion after 55 long years. Let us hope and pray, the controversy of Aadhar Card along with Right to Privacy ends soon with a final judgment on the same, imparting Aadhar Card the wings to fly while Right to Privacy finds its lost roots!

Source: NDTV


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