Increased Road Tax, More Parking Fee, Staff Buses & More – Here’s How Chandigarh Plans To Put An End To Parking Problems

The Pollution levels in cities of Delhi and Chandigarh have been in the news every other day now and don’t seem to settle down easily. Much has been argued about the infamous Odd-Even rule in Delhi and people seem to be divided on the issue. Well climate change is real and so is pollution and the city of Chandigarh is set to tackle it in its own way. Chandigarh Administration has finalised a draft policy for discouraging people to use their vehicles which will eventually put an end to the city’s parking problems as well as curb pollution levels.

Let us see the important points of the draft policy one by one.

Road Tax in Chandigarh will Be 50% of the vehicle cost:

The Chandigarh administration plans to burn a hole in your pockets when you think of buying a new car. Under the proposal of new draft policy the Road Tax which apparently is 3-5% will be increased to 50% which means that if you buy a Ford Ecosport worth 10 Lakh Indian Rupees, the on road price will come down to almost 15 Lakh Rupees.

Parking fee in Chandigarh:

If you are familiar with the concept of smart parking coming up in the Chandigarh, then you must know that the first point in the draft policy proposes to increase the parking fees substantially. The proposed parking rates in Chandigarh’s smart parkings will be 10 Rupees for half an hour, 25 for up to one hour and 81 Rupees for two hours and beyond.

Mandatory Staff busses for companies:

The draft policy of Chandigarh Administration proposes a huge change that might actually revolutionise the way you reach your office. Under the new rules any company having more than 50 employees will need to have its own staff bus for the daily commute of the employees. Also any staff car parked outside the premise of a Chandigarh office will attract a fine of 1,000 Rupees which means that if your office has parking for 10 cars only 10 people will be able to get their own vehicle to the office.

Parking outside the houses:

Boundary walls of Chandigarh houses of 1 marla will be demolished to accommodate more cars and a parking lot will be developed in each sector where you can park your extra vehicle on a monthly rental basis. Another thing to note here is that the parks in any sector of Chandigarh will not be allowed to convert into parking areas as the Administration understands the effects it has on the city atmosphere. However, the Chandigarh authorities will give you a whopping 50% rebate in the house tax if you have parking facilities inside your premises itself.

Certificate of entitlement:

From January 1, 2018 a certificate of entitlement is necessary to buy new cars in Chandigarh which will ensure you can buy, register and drive your vehicle in Chandigarh for 10 years. There will be a fee levied on this which may also end up being than the cost of the car itself if the demand is high.

Shuttle services in Chandigarh:

If a large group of people are to gather for a function like a wedding or a religious event in Chandigarh, the organisers are to ensure there are shuttle services for the people coming because they attract a lot of people coming in by their own cars.

If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding the proposals in the draft policy then you can let the Chandigarh administration know in 15 days.

Source: Tribune

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