Remember Rs. 1.33 Crore Loot From Cash Van in Banur? Here’s a Video About How It Happened

The city has got some mastermind robbers and it’s becoming an issue of worry. One again a huge amount of money has been looted from a cash van of Axis Bank. In an incident which happened last year, almost same amount of money, same bank, same van were looted. The History has been repeated and it is a shame that the police are not taking a strict action against the robbers which lead to such an incident once again.

A whooping Rs. 1.33 crore was looted from the Axis bank van at Banur. The same incident had happened last year in the month of March at Mohali and Rs. 1.34 crore was looted. The incident happened last year took place in Sector 85 and the bank van was being by the robbers from Sector 34 Chandigarh.

Same Incident At A Different Location 

Last year the incident of looting Rs. 1.34 crore happened in Sector 85 and this time the location was Banur. The police had caught eight robbers last year within 24 hours and had recovered 1.28 crore. Since the eight robbers were arrested last year so one thing is sure that they are not involved in this year’s incident at Banur.

However, both the incidents have a lot of similarities like timing, the van’s starting point, the incident’s planning and also the destination of the van.

How The Axis Bank’s Cash Van Was Looted At Banur 

There were six robbers involved in the incident and the Axis Bank cash van was being chased by them from Chandigarh. The robbers were chasing the Axis Bank cash van in two stolen cars Honda Amaze and Scorpio. The robbers fired, injured the driver of the van and looted Rs. 1.33 crore from the Axis Bank cash van.

The incident happened around 10:00 am. The cash was loaded in the van from the Sector 34 Chandigarh bank branch and the van was heading towards bank branches in Banur, Chitkara University Rajpura and Patiala to deliver the cash.


Last Year’s Looting Incident 

Last year, the same incident happened on March 9, 2015 and eight robbers were caught who looted Rs. 1.34 crore from Axis Bank cash van. The cash was loaded from the same Sector 34 Chandigarh branch. The robbers were chasing the van in a stolen Fortuner and looted the van in Sector 85 at 8:30 am. The robbers had pistols and axes, they smashed the windows of the van.

Source: The Tribune


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