Rock Garden Chandigarh To Hold Cultural Shows Every Sunday Evening

The Rock Garden Society has taken an initiative where Chandigarh people will witness some cool events at Phase 3 of Rock Garden. You might know that there is a stage in phase 3 of Rock Garden near the swings section. This area will come to life as the authorities have planned a cultural evening to be held here every Sunday.

These days cultural events have just become a medium of chilling and socializing in Chandigarh. This initiative by The Rock Garden Society will help the local people get a public platform to display their talent. According to The Rock Garden Society, there will be a cultural show every Sunday evening at 5:00 PM.

1st Cultural Performance

The first cultural program which was held on Sunday was a huge success. An Art Exhibition was put up by the Chandigarh artists where two local artists did live painting of Phase-II of Rock Garden. The exhibition also had dance and musical performances. The musical performance by NZCC included Holi songs and ghazals and a group of children from slum areas participated in the dance performance by NZCC.

The Home Secretary expressed his gratitude saying that the rock garden society has taken a good initiative by giving local people a public platform to display their talent. He was really happy to see the local people put up a great show.

Good News For Local Artists

According to The Rock Garden Society, all the local artists are invited to come and perform. Individual artists and group artists can perform plays, magic shows, puppetry, musical bands  and anything that interests audience.

The Rock Garden Society has done a brilliant job by initiating a plan to fix permanent lights in the Open Air Theatre in Phase-II near the waterfall. It is expected that this plan would be executed in the coming 2-3 months. By this initiative taken by The Rock Garden Society, the cultural shows and performances will be held regularly during the evenings.


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