A New Themed Village is Being Developed at Rock Garden Chandigarh & Here’s The Plan

Rock Garden in Chandigarh which is the epicentre of attraction for tourists throbbing the city beautiful from all corners of the world has now a new reason to be the topic of the town again. With curator Nek Chand’s second death anniversary on June 12 just around the corner, Chandigarh Administration has decided to pay tribute to the noble soul which departed two years ago. Planning and executing the village theme inside the premises of the Rock Garden in Chandigarh to depict the rural life of India at one go, UT Administration is taking up the cause to inaugurate the same on June 12 this year.

Rock Garden, Chandigarh: Development Areas

With many areas pertaining to the domain of development to promote more tourist attractions in the Rock Garden, lots of initiatives are being taken up by the Chandigarh Administration which includes:

  • Museum in the premises of Rock Garden in the memory of Nek Chand
  • Rag Dolls Village, the dream project of Nek Chand,to come up in the Rock Garden
  • ┬áVillage Theme put up to depict Rural India’s Life at a glance to the tourists
  • The Dolls to be depicted made by Nek Chand himself using the unstitched cloth pieces
  • Unused clothes by Tailors re-used to make the rag dolls put up on display
  • Personal collection of daily-life things used by Nek Chand to be exhibited too
  • Awards won by the curator Nek Chand during his lifetime to be displayed as well
  • The bicycle used by Nek Chand himself be put up too apart from other personal belongings
  • Village themed area to have bullock carts, wells etc. to authenticize Village look
  • The next phase to have a new waterfall inside the Rock Garden, Chandigarh

Rock Garden in Chandigarh is all set to transform staying true to its concept as curated by Nek Chand in the form of art that weaved magic in the hearts of many. The areas of development would take place in phases. Divided into a number of phases, the development process is in the making phase of its conceptualisation, wherein the first move is going to be in place on June 12, 2017.

Pays tribute to Nek Chand

Paying tribute and acknowledge the efforts of the man who made the concept of “Best out of waste” real and practically possible, the entire theme would be inaugurated on the occasion of death anniversary of Nek Chand who curated the Rock Garden in Chandigarh city himself right from the scratch with no aid. The man had the vision, zeal to pursue his dreams and he did it which is a beautiful gift to the Chandigarh city by the man who nailed the art of using broken pieces to give it a form of art. Visual evidence of such a thing can be corroborated by the fact that we have Rock Garden in Chandigarh city based and designed on the aforementioned concept.

Epitome of beauty and art in thoughts brought live into place to be seen, the magic it weaves, is now seen as “Rock Garden in Chandigarh.”

Source: The Tribune

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