Guess who’ll be the Guest of Honour at Rose Festival 2016 (You’ll be happy to know this)

Rose Festival 2016 is around the corner and our Rose Garden in Sector 16 Chandigarh is all decked up to receive lakhs of people in this 3 day event. Rose Festival is being held on 19th, 20th and 21st February 2016 and this time, there’s a new guest of honour.  In an attempt to make the 2016 rose festival a bit different, Chandigarh MC has chosen a VIP, that you might not even know and i’m sure that if you are made to guess, no one would be able to guess it.

This VIP is surely a Very Important person not just for Rose Festival but for the entire Rose Garden. He is the one who works hard all day, throughout the year. He is the one who works at Rose Garden despite burning sun and  despite cold chilly winds. Bu now, you might be able to guess that this time, the guest of honour at rose Festival 2016 will be a gardener.

Plans for the Guest of Honour at Rose Festival 2016

A gardener “Budh Ram” has been chosen by the MC to be the guest of honour at Rose Festival 2016. here are few things that have been decided:

  • Budh Ram, gardener will come to Rose Festival in a red light car.
  • Mayor of Chandigarh, Arun Sood will go to Budh Ram’s home to pick him up.
  • The gardener will distribute prizes to winners along with the Mayor.

It was stated that the gardeners working at Rose festival work really hard, so this time the MC wants to recognize their efforts for 2016 Rose Festival. Arun Sood was stated saying that Rose Festival is the festival of gardeners.

This excellent step taken by Chandigarh MC is being applauded by city residents. More such workers need to be honoured in various fairs, festivals and events being held in Chandigarh.

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