The Bullet Might Be The First Royal Enfield To Get ABS | Entire Range To Follow

In the case of Himalayan which gets dual channel ABS we believe Royal Enfield will increase the prices by up to 20,000.

Royal Enfield is one pretty dominating name in the 250-500cc motorcycle segment in India. However, according to the guidelines of the Indian Government, all motorcycles above 125cc capacity need to come with ABS which means the Chennai based manufacturer needs to equip its entire range with the technology. As reported earlier, the Royal Enfield Himalayan will be the only bike to come with dual channel ABS while the rest of the range including the Thunderbird and Classic series have to make do with a single channel ABS unit. However, the upcoming Interceptor and Continental GT 650cc motorcycles which Royal Enfield will launch at a later date will come with dual channel ABS from the very start.

The Standard Bullet To Be The First Royal Enfield ABS Motorcycle?

If some reports over at the internet are to be believes then the Standard Bullet will be the first Royal Enfield to get a ABS unit which will be followed by the Thunderbird and the Hialayan. However, there has been no such confirmation by the company and we recommend you take that with a pinch of salt. Single channel ABS means that only the front wheels of these Royal Enfield bikes will be controlled by the ABS unit.

However, the Royal Enfield Himalayan which is placed as an adventure tourer will come with dual channel ABS which will give the rider more reliable control on difficult terrains. The upcoming bikes will also be compliant with new Bharat Stage Emission Standards. Expect the first set of Royal Enfield bikes to launch in coming months.

Royal Enfield ABS Bikes Launch Date

Royal Enfield will launch its ABS motorcycles in the coming months. However, no cosmetic or mechanical changes other than the ABS units are expected to be present in the new motorcycles. Expect the prices to rise from 10,000-12,000 courtesy the expensive technology. In the case of Himalayan which gets dual channel ABS we believe Royal Enfield will increase the prices by up to 20,000. We really wish the other bikes too got a double channel unit since the bikes are comparatively heavy than the competition and that would have given the rider more stability and control.


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