Royal Enfield Bullet With Reverse Gear Seen in India | See the Video

In a first of its kind, a Royal Enfield Bullet has been seen in India with a reverse gear. Yes, that is true! This Royal Enfield Bullet with a reverse gear is being claimed as first of its kind Bullet in the country that has an option of driving in reverse mode. In addition to the 5-speed manual transmission that comes mated to the unit, this Royal Enfield Bullet will have a reverse gear as well.

Royal Enfield Bullet with reverse gear seen in India

Royal Enfield Bullet is the dominant motorcycle in the segment and possesses a large market share in India. One of the most sold motorcycles in the country has been recently seen with a reverse gear and is being seen as the future of easy motorcycling in the country. One of the reasons behind inventing this Bullet with a reverse gear is that the Bullet 350 that gets the 346cc engine is quite heavy. Kerb weight of the bullet is about 180.1 KG and handling it is quite difficult especially while parking and pushing back in difficult terrains.

Bullet from Royal Enfield seen with reverse gear 

The Bullet is indeed one of the heavy motorcycles in the country which possesses a large share in the country. The weight of this 346cc bike is one of the major reasons why several consumers face difficulty while parking, especially while pushing the bullet backwards in several situations. The reverse gear option in the Bullet, that has been seen in India recently appears the solution to several customer voes.

The video that has gone viral on the digital platform shows the man driving the Royal Enfield 350 bullet in the reverse mode. According to the report, the person who has invented this new technology in India has been identified as Jagdish Rawal. Jagdish has mated a reverse gear to the existing engine of the Bullet 350 and it works really amazing.

Royal Enfield Bullet with reverse gear | See video

Jagdish has added the reverse gear option on his bullet for his comfort but the video also reveals how this reverse gear works on the Bullet 350. It has been reported that currently, Honda is the only bike manufacturer that manufactures bike with a reverse gear option. Though the reverse gear in the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 has been not been done inside the official manufacturing plant but there is a chance that this technology may be used to make biking easy in India.

Source: Amar Ujala


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