Why The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650cc and Continental GT 650cc May Not Be For You

Royal Enfield has been in the news for more than a year for its highly anticipated 750cc motorcycles but the company has finally showcased the Royal Enfield Interceptor and the Royal Enfield Continental GT at EICMA 2017 which turned out to be powered by a 650cc parallel twin engine. To be fair Royal Enfield had already unveiled its 650cc engine a day before yesterday which was to debut in the Royal Enfield Interceptor and Royal Enfield Continental GT 650cc variant.

The two bikes look hot in all fairness but we at Chandigarh Metro strongly feel they aren’t worth the hype. We have compiled a list of reasons which makes us think so:

Royal Enfield Interceptor and Royal Enfield Continental GT 650cc are not your daily commuters:

The two bikes showcased by the company have a huge capacity 650cc engine which is meant for highway speeding. The huge capacity 650cc engine may tend to overheat in standstill traffic in big cities and may cause you to take your Royal Enfield Interceptor or the Continental GT 650cc for an extra trip to the service station each month.

Royal Enfield 650cc Interceptor and Continental GT power figures are unimpressive.

The Royal Enfield is a company that is striving for just two reasons. One is the old school retro charm and the other being that it has no direct competition in the Indian Market. The new 650cc engine makes really unimpressive power figures if put in comparison to other 650cc engines from Honda or KTM. The new Royal Enfield 650cc Interceptor and the Royal Enfield Continental GT will come at a huge premium over the existing models in the company’s portfolio and might not be worth the price.

How the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650cc resembles the Triumph Street Twin so much.

The Royal Enfield company launched two of it motorcycles on EICMA today. One of them is a beefed up 650cc variant of the already existing 535cc Continental GT and the other Royal Enfield Interceptor is a retro classic. However, the motorcycle that was highly anticipated looks very similar to the Triumph Street Twin and sheds to the un-originality. The company chose to showcase the red colour of the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650cc which made it all the more apparent. Do you want to be seen on a motorcycle that was built as a cheap inspiration from the iconic British brand Triumph which frankly can even outcast any Harley Davidson anyway?


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