New Rs. 200 Currency Notes Are Coming in India With Advanced Security Features

India gets re-monetised as Reserve Bank of India, RBI the sole authority highest in rank responsible for printing currency bills has finally started printing Rs. 200 notes as per what official sources have to say. With lots of hurdles that common man went through during De-monetisation phase of the Indian economy, printing of Rs. 200 currency bill has surely brought sigh of relief to many. As the printing f Rs. 200 denomination of Indian National Rupees begins, a pleasant welcoming air of freedom from the economic crunches has started to blow with full vigour and vitality.

About the new Rs. 200 Currency Note & its Features

RBI has already started to print Rs. 200 currency bills at its own facility which is owned by the ‘Government’ to avoid confusion and chaos and introduce greater amount of transparency in the working and functioning of the economic system of our country. Here are the details and salient features of the most awaited INR 200 currency note in India.

  • RBI printing the Rs. 200 notes in ggovernment-ownedfacility in India
  • Rs. 200 notes to ensure ease of transaction for Indian citizens with lower denomination
  • R. 200 note in India to have advanced security features in them to avoid misuse
  • Rs. 200 note introduced in India to keep a tab on untaxed money with miscreants
  • RBI and Government taking stringent norms in issuing Rs. 200 note in India soon
  • Rs. 200 to give a directional approach to Indian Economy with its lower denomination
  • Extra care is taken up by authorities to prevent counterfeiting of Rs. 200 note in India

Rs. 200 currency notes in India

Being printed under high security with various advanced features incorporated in it to avoid misuse, India which is Asia’s third largest economy is leaving no stone un-turned to bridge the gap created by De-monetisation in Indian economy, Rs. 200 currency note is surely going to boost the same in near future.

Carrying out the printing operation under high security at the Security Printing & Minting Corp. of India Ltd  may be which is unsure to avoid leakages, the process may be is being carried out at the printing presses in Mysore region or in West Bengal taken care under the able guidance of the Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Ltd.

Not wanting to take a chance with what India had to go through after freeing itself from shackles of slavery of ‘Black Money’ that PM Modi visioned to get rid off by introducing ‘De-monetisation’ with effect from November 2016 last year, it was highly required to bring forth a denomination of small unit which could bridge the gap between the crisis caused by the move. Let us hope and pray, the move brings prosperity in Indian Economic condition in 2017.

Source : TOI

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