Rukh (New Punjabi Song) by Akhil Out | Official Video

Punjabi singer Akhil once again released a mesmerizing song in his voice titled Rukh, the official video and mp3 version has been out on many websites. After the dancing number life, Akhil has been back with the romantic genre of Punjabi song with Rukh. Soft and romantic Punjabi song Rukh is just a like a dreamy world that depicts the story of a loveable couple.

With the new romantic track Rukh, Akhil has once again bounced back to his own genre for which he was known for. From Khaab to Zindagi, Akhil has been known for many of his romantic tracks in the Punjabi industry. And Akhil’s new track Rukh has been the icying on the cake, as its just too mesmerizing one from all of his songs.

Akhil’s New Punjabi Song- Rukh

Official video of the new Punjabi song Rukh by Akhil depicts an amazing romantic story. Featuring Akhil and a female model in the video, Rukh song is based on the story of a couple, who are truly in deep love with each other. They exchange all the happiness and sorrows together. The video starts with a girl who is happy that she owned a new car and ask the boy to win the race so that he can buy a diamond ring for her to get married to her. But the boy replied that some part of the car has been damaged and he can’t take part in the race without it.

To see the climax of Rukh song by Akhil, check out the official video below.

Details of New Punjabi song Rukh- Akhil

Singer: Akhil

Music: BOB

Lyrics: Akhil

Video by: Sukh Sanghera

Label: Speed Records

The lyrics of Akhil’s new track Rukh has been penned by himself and is like- Tu rukh jehi jaapdi main tahni wangu naal raha, Tu sukh jehi jaapdi ki apna main haal kahan. And the music has been given by BOB.

Official Video of Rukh Song by Akhil

Here’s the official video of Akhil’s new Punjabi song Rukh that is just amazing. Click on the play button to watch out Rukh song’s video featuring Akhil.

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