Rupinder Gandhi 2: The Robinhood Punjabi Movie (Story, Cast, Songs & Review)

The much-awaited sequel of Punjabi movie, Rupinder Gandhi 2: The Robinhood has been released and the audience has reviewed it positively. The first part of the biopic, Rupinder Gandhi was released in September 2015 that showed the Gangster side of him. But audience missed the good side of Rupinder Gandhi in its first series.

Although it was expected that much more revelation will be made regarding the personal life of Rupinder Gandhi in the Rupinder Gandhi 2 movie. From first part to the second series of the movie, Dev Kharoud has been playing the role of Rupinder Gandhi and has really lived up to the character.

Read the movie review of recently released Punjabi movie Rupinder Gandhi 2: The Robinhood below.

Story of Rupinder Gandhi 2: The Robinhood

From being the youngest Sarapanch in Punjab, Rupinder Gandhi became famous and a well wisher for the people of Rasoolra village of Khanna district near Ludhiana. The story of Rupinder Gandhi 2 showcases the changes of Rupinder Gandhi’s life when his friend’s decisions took him to the illegal side.

Cast & Crew of Punjabi movie Rupinder Gandhi 2

Cast: Dev Kharoud, Saanvi Dhiman, Kajal Behl, Jagjeet Sandhu, Lucky Dhaliwal

Director: Avtar Singh

Producer: Ravneet Kaur Chahal, Rajesh Kumar and Daljit Singh Bola

Story: Avtar Singh & Inderpal Singh

Music: Qaistrax

The story, direction and screenplay of the newly released Punjabi movie Rupinder Gandhi 2 has been executed by Avtar Singh.

Official Trailer of Rupinder Gandhi 2

Before you watch out the full Punjabi movie- Rupinder Gandhi 2, have a look at the exotic trailer of Rupinder Gandhi 2: The Robinhood.

As per the trailer review by the audience, Rupinder Gandhi 2 left a great impact on the supporters of Rupinder Gandhi.

Rupinder Gandhi 2 (Punjabi movie) Songs

Along with the trailer review, even the music review of Rupinder Gandhi 2: The Robinhood was good from the audience. The music of Rupinder Gandhi 2 has been composed by Qaistrax, from sad to romantic song the movie has a blend of all taste.

Sive (Singer: Nachhatar Gill)

Jigri Yaar (Singer: Angrej Ali)

Attitude (Singer: Davinder Gill)

Bukhlan (Singer: Shipra Goyal)

Be Khauff Jatt (Singer: Veet Baljit)

All the songs of Rupinder Gandhi 2 have been penned by Veet Baljit and the wording will just take your heart away.

Rupinder Gandhi 2: The Robinhood Movie Review

Movie rating of Rupinder Gandhi 2: 3 out of 5 stars

After the successful run of Rupinder Gandhi: The Gangster, the audience has also given a positive review to Rupinder Gandhi 2. From direction to its story execution, acting to the dialogues, Rupinder Gandhi 2 will not let you down. It is a total action-packed entertainment package.

As recently the elder brother of Rupinder Gandhi has been murdered, we may expect the third series of the Punjabi movie that may reveal some more facts about the life of both the brothers.


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