7-Year Old Kid Murdered At Ryan International School in Gurgaon After Sexual Assault, Conductor Arrested

A 7-year-old Gurgaon schoolboy was found killed inside the bathroom of  Ryan International School in Gurgaon. The Class 2 student of Ryan International School was murdered by the school’s bus conductor inside the school premises. The news has spread panic among the parents and has become a question of safety of students inside the school premises.

7-Year Old Murdered At Ryan International School

Identified as Pradyuman, the seven-year-old boy was found dead inside Ryan International School’s washroom in Gurgaon. Fellow school students discovered the Class II boy’s body lying in a pool of blood inside the bathroom of Ryan International School in Gurgaon. The child was found with his throat slit. A knife was also found near his body.

The killing triggered protests by parents of other students of the Ryan International School. The angry parents, not only destroyed tables but also broke the glass panes inside the school’s premises.

School bus conductor arrested for the murder

As per reports, within few hours of the accident, the Gurgaon police announced the arrest of the conductor. The accused has been identified as Ashok Kumar who hails from a village Ghamroj in Haryana. The conductor Ashok Kumar is an employee of Ryan International School Gurgaon and according to the Police officials, Ashok Kumar murdered the 7-year old boy after a failed attempt to sexually assault him.

Ashok Kumar slit the throat of the victim, Pradyuman, after an alleged attempt to sexually assault him inside the bathroom of Ryan International School, Gurgaon.

Conductor confesses but…

Ashok Kumar, the accused, was arrested by the Police. While interrogation, Ashok the conductor at Ryan International School, Gurgaon, confessed to murdering the 7-year old Pradyuman inside the bathroom of the school. As per reports, Ashok confessed that he killed the the 7-year-old after the boy resisted his attempts to sexually abuse him.

Ashok told the Police that he had gone to the washroom inside the Ryan International School, Gurgaon, to wash his knife. He saw the 7-year-old inside the bathroom and attempted to sexually assault him. He got scared when the 7-year-old  student started screaming, following he killed the victim, Pradyuman, by slitting his throat.

15-minutes that changed the lives forever!

Broken Pradyuman’s father Vinod Chand Thakur drop his son and elder daughter outside the gates of Ryan International School, Gurgaon. While waving at his son he might have never thought that this is going to be the last ‘Goodbye’. 15 minutes later, Vinod, Pradyuman’s father, received frantic calls from his wife. Half an hour later, Vinod saw his son, Pradyuman’s body at Artemis hospital who was no more…

Source: Indian Express


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