Sade Naal Yaariyan (New Punjabi Song) Nachhatar Gill | Official Video

Nachhatar Gill’s latest song ‘Sade Naal Yaariyan’ has stirred the chords in millions of hearts again with its release on youtube & mp3. Punjabi singer Nachhatar Gill, who is widely admired for his love songs especially the sad versions such as Dil ditta nai si, Sadi Gall hor, Dooja Saah is known to touch hearts through his musical verses.

Nachhatar Gill’s latest song ‘Sade Naal Yaariyan’ is again a sad love song that depicts sacrifice of an eternal love story. Similar to Nachhatar Gill’s previous song ‘Ehna Pyaar’ that was launched in May 2017, the song ‘Sade Naal Yaariyan’ by Nachhatar Gill is also being appreciated the world over and is trending on Youtube.

Sade Naal Yaariyan by Nachhatar Gill

Beautifully written by Dalvir Bhullar the new song by Nachhatar Gill – Sade Naal Yaariyan amazingly expresses the sacrifice made in love. The story in the video moves beautifully and is worth watching till the end. Alike several Nachhatar Gill music videos this song too has a celebration scene (Success Party) but the video runs in backward motion.

Nachhatar Gill - Sade Naal Yaariyan

Singer: Nachhatar Gill

Lyrics: Dalvir Bhullar

Music: Gurmeet Singh

Label: T-Series

The opening couplet ‘Tu time jea tapaundi rehi Haan ch haan milaundi rhi‘ which would mean You were just doing time pass and were mere being a follower, followed by the title couplet ‘Tera na kusoor bhullan saadiyan si saariyaa, tu laaiyaan hi nahi si dilon sadey naal yaariyaan…’ portrays protagonist’s complaint wherein he claims that the girl was not at all in love with him and was mere doing time pass.

Nachhatar Gill’s Sade Naal Yaariyan | Official Video

Click on the play button to check out the latest video of Nachhatar Gill’s song Sade Naal Yaarian.

The heart rendering song has been beautifully picturised and composed. Sade naal yaariyan has added another feather to Nachhatar Gill’s cap. The words woven by Dalvir Bhullar coupled with the striking voice of Nachhatar Gill touches the heart in such a way that the climax scene of the song leaves nothing but tears in eyes for the sacrifice the loved made in love. Well, to find out who sacrificed for whom, don’t forget to check out the video! Stay tuned for latest Punjabi songs.


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