Sahil Sachdeva: 25 Year Old Indian Entrepreneur Dominating PR Industry

The owner of Level Up PR LLC is setting high goals for the youth.

The value of advertising and marketing has lingered for ages, but did you know that public relations have a significant impact on a company’s image? In today’s world, a single social media gaffe can result in a brand disaster, and nobody wants that. It is a big threat for the already established business, smaller businesses and entrepreneurs. On the other hand, they have a hard time getting the positive press they need to expand.

Sahil Sachdeva, CEO of Level Up PR LLC, has created a suite and atmosphere that is essential for any individual who wants to cultivate a great online brand presence and value in the social media globe. The vibrant 25-year-old has a vast resume of accomplishments. He is a mechanical engineer who has won several accolades for technological innovations, including a NASA-sponsored competition in which he and his team, the ‘Incassable CGCians,’ built and launched a satellite in Texas, USA. He has also served as a society leader for the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest chemical society, and the Society of Automotive Engineers. He was a chess expert at school as well as an actor, singer, model, and entrepreneur. His accomplishments and abilities have been featured in major newspapers on several occasions.

For the glory and success his ventures have given to their clientele, the entrepreneur personality was honored with the Indian Achievers’ Award in 2021. His contributions to Nation Building have aided him in gaining recognition and admiration for the company’s plans and execution.

Level Up PR is the one-stop solution to go to if you want to expand your own brand. The venture is designed for curious minds that want to broaden their horizons while also satisfying their curiosity. “I recognized the market I wanted to explore and opted to empower personal brands to assist individuals to lead their company concept,” the high-impact entrepreneur Sahil explains.

For him, the Level Up Holdings holds a special place in his heart since they embody his values of discovering one’s true calling in life and following it with all one’s might. He wants to inspire others and help them ‘Level Up’ their creativity and intellectual horizons.

The venture’s clientele comprises a solid base in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, having worked with over 1000+ clients from across the world, including high-profile entrepreneurs, celebrities, artists and others. Furthermore, with his abilities and knowledge, Sahil knows the ideal combination to make any brand a phenomenal smash. Plans at Level Up PR are 100 percent strategic and tailored to the needs of the customer. Initially, they concentrate on getting to know the customer thoroughly.

“Healthy Lifestyle change, spirituality towards one’s obligations, and continual efforts towards objectives makes everything right, regardless of where we came from. Don’t wait for everything to fall into place before you begin. Begin taking action as soon as you’ve decided what you desire,” this is the mantra of Sahil for the steady flow of energy and the reason for the prize, and he has already proved this to be true by his own example.


Ajay Deep

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