Theft in Sai Temple, Sector 29 Chandigarh | Thief Steals Rs 7 Lac, Caught the Next Day

The Shirdi Sai Samaj Temple of Sector 29, Chandigarh got robbed of Rs 7 lac recently by a thief who broke into the temple premises by its rear door and got its hand on one of the donation boxes placed near the statue of Sai. It is being speculated by the temple authorities as well as the police that the thief was well aware of the whole temple premises and its surroundings as the whole robbery was well planned.

The temple was burgled at the about 2:45 am in the morning by the thief whose deeds got captured in one of the CCTV cameras at the temple.

Thief At Sai Temple, Chandigarh

The Sai Temple of Sector 29 is one of the most famous temples of Chandigarh that can be seen surrounded by a lot of people at all times. The temple garners a huge number of devotees every year who make lavish donations at the sacred place. Being one of the most famous and thronged devotional places of the city the Sai temple authorities take special care regarding the safety and security of the premises and the devotees visiting it and robbing the place is quite hard due to that. It is the first time that the Sai temple got robbed and that too by a single thief taking away a huge sum of money out of the donation box without even giving the temple authorities a sniff of it.

The Thief’s Plan in Sai Temple Chandigarh

The workers of the Sai temple trust got to know about the robbery after 2 hours of thief leaving the temple as they discovered the currency notes were scattered inside the worship area. One of the CCTV cameras inside the temple hall captured the thief and his moves quite clearly. The thief entered the temple area at 2:45 am from the back side of the temple, climbing the wall and reaching the window of the first floor he cut the mesh of the window and broke into the temple.

The thief very cleverly covered his face with a sack before robbing, sprayed paint on some of the CCTV cameras while twisting them away. The thief then came onto the ground floor and broke one of the donation boxes placed near the idol of Sai. He stuffed his another gunny bag with cash and left the temple from the same path. Almost 5 to 7 lac is missing from the donation box according to the trust members and no jewellery, small currency or other items were touched by the burglar.

Police Investigation

Police have acquired the fingerprints and other important clues from the area of Sai temple, Sector 29 (Chandigarh) and checked the CCTV footage of all the 36 cameras placed around the premises. Chandigarh Police is of the belief that the thief must have already visited the Sai temple before, especially on Thursday when a huge crowd of devotees come to the sacred place and offer donations. Not only the inner areas but police also investigated the external surrounding areas of the Sai Temple and also checked the list of the temple workers who recently left their jobs.

And It Was A Devotee!

After 36 hours of intense investigation and vigilance the Chandigarh police finally caught the culprit. Surprisingly he was a devotee and committed the robbery at Sai Temple, Sector 29 with the help of an accomplice. Around 3.47 lac cold cash has been recovered from the victim which is less than what was suspected to be stolen and some toy air guns have also been retrieved from the accused.

The accused all of their tools used to commit robbery at the Chandigarh Sai Temple into the Ghaggar river in Panchkula. The thief who was captured in the cameras of the temple is named Sonu and resides in Sector 29 itself and his associate whose name is Ajay lives in Khajeri Sector 52. Both of them visited the temple on the night of June 30 and inspected the whole area of it before committing the crime at the dawn of July 1.

Source: TheTribune 

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