Why Saif Ali Khan Deserves Respect For Doing Movies Like Kaalakaandi

Saif Ali Khan is not the most popular Khan in the Indian film industry but he is a Khan and you should have no doubt about that. He could easily be ringing the cash register doing movies like Golmaal or Kick but instead the Nawab has been trying to bring sensible cinema our way with movies like Chef and Kaalakaandi. We would rather watch Saif Ali Khan try and fail each time with movies like Kaalakaandi than never have him try at all.

Saif Ali Khan Takes A Bold Chance With Kaalakaandi

Saif Ali Khan is bringing Kaalakaandi after the feeble hit Chef with a team that has been pretty bang on in the past. Director Akshat Verma who has also co-written the film has been the man behind the immense hit Delhi Belly. Bringing the same genre to the Indian audiences his next directorial venture consists of an assemble cast that boasts of pure talent. The presence of Deepak Dobriya, Vijay Raaz, Kunal Roy Kapoor, Pankaj Tripathi and Shenaz Treasury along with Saif Ali Khan make Kaalakaandi one of the highly anticipated movies of the year.

The movie is already making waves since the trailer dropped out and the pure chills remind us of the 2011 blockbuster Delhi Belly. The crime comedy genre is hardly played around with in Bollywood but we have to give to the man Akshat Verma who is bringing the second film in the genre called Kaalakaandi. This is Saif Ali Khan’s second venture in recent times after Chef.

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Release Date of the Saif Ali Khan Starrer Kaalakaandi

The talent pool of the assemble cast can be witnessed on the 12th January, 2018. Kaalakaandi will have to fight for the crowd with other major bollywood films like the 1921 and Mukkabaaz. The Saif Ali Khan starrer will be against the Anurag Kashyap directorial Mukkabaaz which consists of an equally talented assemble cast. The songs of Kaalakaandi have already been out for a few days and have been pretty successful in engaging the younger audiences. For all we hope, if the Saif Ali Khan movie works he will go on to do some excellent cinema for the years to come.


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