Salman Khan Joins Hands With PVR Cinemas For Being Human Foundation | Here’s How You Can Contribute

Salman Khan, the founder of Being Human Foundation has collaborated with the PVR Cinemas recently to further the cause of the trust. Working for the betterment of society and social causes, Being Human has always stepped forward to contribute in the best possible way it can. Joining hands with PVR cinemas, Salman Khan has associated his foundation of Being Human with them in order to further increase parts of his contribution towards the society by involving the common people’s contribution to Salman Khan’s  foundation of Being Human.

Salman Khan’s Being Human’s Association With PVR Cinemas

Well, we all have known how the Industry’s most celebrated actor Salman Khan works tirelessly towards the cause of development of underprivileged with his Foundation Being Foundation. Leaving no stone unturned this time, the recent collaboration of Being Human and PVR Cinemas has stirred discussions in the B-town getting acknowledgment and applauds from everyone around. We have always seen Salman Khan himself wearing the Being Human merchandise at promotional events, social gatherings, press conferences etc. Association with PVR Cinemas has further added a feather to the cap of Being Human Foundation running under the able guidance of the Super Star Salman Khan.

Being Human And PVR Cinemas, Symbiotic Relationship

Here’s how you can contribute to Salman Khan’s Being Human Foundation with PVR Cinemas.

  • People at PVR Cinemas now have an option to donate a meager amount of Rs. 2 along with the movie tickets
  • PVR Cinemas undertook the humanitarian initiative with Salman Khan’s Being Human on the auspicious occasion of Eid
  • The collection made by the PVR cinemas would be sent to Salman Khan’s Being Human foundation on a monthly basis
  • The campaign marking the association of Salman Khan’s Being Human Foundation with PVR cinemas saw grand launch in Mumbai
  • The initiative aims to reach 75 million plus users of PVR Cinemas with Salman Khan’s foundation
  • Already catering to education of 5000+ students in education & 2000+ medical beneficiaries per month, Being Human aims to expand its reach with PVR Cinemas under Salman Khan’s observation
  • Huge Difference with small voluntary contribution is the motto of the collaboration

Winning our hearts with the move, PVR Cinemas seem equally excited and happy with the initiative undertaken by them as a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility with Salman Khan’s Being Human, while Being Human gets a wider base of contributing individuals to benefit the needy. Well, that’s a relationship we call, a symbiotic one. Salman Khan simply nails it his Being Human Foundation’s noteworthy association with PVR Cinemas.

Add meaning to your lives with Salman Khan and work towards truly “Being Human.” !!!

Source: Cinespeaks


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