Samsung Galaxy A5 & A7 to Launch with Infinity Screen | Know Specs, Price & More

Samsung is going to be really busy in 2018 with the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S9, but this is not all that Samsung is aiming to achieve in 2018. As far as the word goes, Samsung is simultaneously working on two big projects for next year. Where at one corner Samsung has its team working on the foldable smartphone technology there, at another corner, it is going to hit the market with its new Samsung Galaxy A5 and A7 smartphone.

Samsung, being a leading smartphone manufacturing company in India is always trying to overwhelm their customers with the new features and model designs, and this time it is planning to bring to customers the infinity screen models of smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy A5 and A7 Coming in 2018 Features Bluetooth 5.0 

If one goes by the words floating around the media about the upcoming models of Samsung smartphones, one can expect to see the precision of the Bluetooth 5.0 in Samsung Galaxy A5 and A7. This is not the only thing that will attract the buyers towards Galaxy A5 and A7, but the beautiful and high precision infinity screen design is going to become the backbone of the sales for these two upcoming Samsung models in 2018.

The Samsung Galaxy A Series to Introduce Infinity Screen in Galaxy A5 and A7 Models 

This information surfaced when the spec leak for these two upcoming models was posted on the HTML5 Test website. If the leaked spec chart is to be believed this Samsung A series including Samsung Galaxy A5 and A7 will be featured to have 18.5:9 Aspect ratio and will be operated by the Android version 7.1.1. This is a little weird news as Android 8 has already been released in the market 3 months back. Inspired by Galaxy 7, Samsung Galaxy A series is going to be featuring the water resistant and dust resistant properties.

Well! One can really hope to see all these features next year in the Galaxy A5 and A7 models. Although, just note that these specification released are not authenticated by Samsung and there might be some changes to the spec chart that has been revealed on the HTML 5 test site.

Source – IndiaToday


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