Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Come With a Fingerprint Scanner Under The Screen – Reports

If all goes well, the new Samsung phone Galaxy S9 will be the most ambitious phone a company has ever made. Ever since the Xiaomi Mi Mix the manufactures around the globe have been in a bezel-less war and have been trying unique ways to get things like the front camera to work. The new Samsung Galaxy S9 might do the undoable and put a fingerpint sensor under the screen itself and save the little space on the bottom chin as well. The new Samsung phone Galaxy S9 will take things up a notch for manufacturers like Apple who think it is okay to have a notch for the front camera.

The new Samsung phone Galaxy S9 will take the bezel-less war a notch higher

The new Samsung phone Galaxy S9 that is due for a February launch next year and is expected to fuel the bezel-less war between the top manufacturers. The Samsung Galaxy S9 will feature a fingerprint scanner under the screen itself and not just eliminate it like the Apple iPhone X. While Samsung was ready with the tech with the Note 8 itself but the colour reproduction of the screen was simply not up to the mark and the company wanted to wait to put the feature in the new Samsung phone Galaxy S9. While companies like Vivo have already demoed the new under screen fingerprint scanner, the Samsung Galaxy S9 might be the first production smart phone to feature one out of the box.

Other Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S9

According to reports the company has bought the whole first batch of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor for their new Samsung phone Galaxy S9 and will be the first phone of 2018 to feature the flagship chip. The dual cameras from Note 8 will also move to Samsung Galaxy S9 and both of the lenses may come with OIs just like the Note 8. The screen is expected to be the same QuadHD display but the size of the new Samsung phone may further increase since the bottom chip won’t have to carry the fingerprint scanner.

Launch and Price Details of the new Samsung phone in India– Samsung Galaxy S9

The new Samsung phone will be the flagship device for 2018 and will be shown before the Mobile World Congress that is to be held in March in Barcelona. The Samsung Galaxy S9 will come with a similar price tag as of that of the S8 around 55-60 thousand Indian Rupees which will definitely hurt the main competition Apple which is increasing the price of iPhones in the country by as much as 10% each year. The Samsung Galaxy S9 will easily undercut the price of iPhone by 10,000 rupees in India.

Source: Forbes

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