Samsung Galaxy S9 Images Leaked Online & Here’s What We Know | May Launch in Early 2018

With only a few weeks left for 2017 to end, there are rumors regarding the upcoming smartphones in 2018. One of the upcoming smartphones is Samsung Galaxy S9 which is expected to be unveiled in early 2018. According to the reports, the Samsung Galaxy S9 will see major changes in design as compared to the previous designs.

As per the reports, Samsung Galaxy S9 will be featured with Samsung facial recognition feature. The new facial recognition feature in Galaxy S9 will compete with the Apple’s TrueDepth feature available in Apple iPhone X. It has also been suggested in an earlier report that Samsung is going to improve its IRIS scanner to take on the Apple iPhone X face recognition feature.

Samsung Galaxy S9 to feature Dual Camera

Other details of Samsung Galaxy S9 includes dual rear camera set up aligned vertically rather than horizontally. The presence of rear dual camera set up is also suggested by a note released by KGI securities.

A report also claimed that Samsung Galaxy S9 will also feature fingerprint scanner on the back panel of the phone. The fingerprint scanner will be housed on the back panel just below the camera sensor and flashlight.

A render of Samsung Galaxy S9 was also made by a smartphone accessories manufacturer based on the inputs from Samsung factory. The render is almost like the original Samsung Galaxy S9 but differs in some aspects like dimensions. The render is has a narrower bezel at the top of it.

It is not clear in the rumored details that Galaxy S9 will have 4GB or 6GB of RAM. As per the reports, rumors are also there that the smartphone will be powered by Samsung’s own Exynos 9 Series 9810 SoC or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor.

Samsung Galaxy S9 likely to release in Early 2018

The Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor is likely to come in early 2018. A report also indicates that Samsung Galaxy S9 will have the existing 3.5mm earphone jack. That doesn’t mean that Galaxy S9 would not be a compelling smartphone. Actually, Galaxy S9 would be a minor upgrade over the existing Galaxy S8.

What these early reports indicate is that Samsung would not be able to match the features of iPhone. Though many customers expect all such features in Samsung phones as available in the latest iPhone, some features you get in a new iPhone would not be available in the upcoming Galaxy S9. Though there is no official report, Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy smartphone in early 2018.



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