Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini Will Come With A 5-inch Display | Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ & S9 Mini in the Making

Samsung might be considering bringing the ‘mini’ versions of its flagships back with the Samsung Galaxy S9 mini. As the demand for bigger screen phones increased Samsung had phased out the mini versions after the Galaxy S5. The Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, and the S8 were all rumoured to have a mini version themselves but that idea did not see the light of the day. So the news that Samsung Galaxy S9 mini might become a reality should be taken with a pinch of salt.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will come in three variants – S9, S9+ and the S9 mini.

Since the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 will come sooner than expected, we received the news that even the Samsung Galaxy S9 might come a couple of months earlier than usual. The latest leaks suggest that there might be three versions of the phone- the Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ and the S9 mini. These leaks came from a twitter handle that has a pretty trustworthy track record. It mentions that the mini version of Samsung’s next flagship in 2018 will have a screen smaller than five inches.

The mini version will of the Samsung Galaxy S9 will also come with a full-screen edge to edge display like its elder siblings. It is pretty clear Samsung is trying to eat into the sales of iPhone X which is smaller than its standard flagship. We just hope if and when the mini version of the S9 sees the light of the day, it comes with the same memory options and processor as the bigger standard flagship – the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Launch, Price and competition of the Samsung Galaxy S9 mini:

The smaller five inch Samsung Galaxy S9 mini will ensure that the customers looking for a smaller phone that can be used with one hand have a Samsung device as an option apart from the iPhone X. There is a huge market that is interested in smaller phones and Sony Xperia compact series is its living proof.

However, Sony’s design ideology is way far behind Samsung’s and with a bezel-less edge to edge display the Samsung Galaxy S9 mini might throw any kind of competition out of its way. The S9 flagship is supposed to debut at the MWC next year but as per reports might come a month or two early than expected. Expect the Samsung Galaxy S9 mini to be priced similarly to the existing Samsung Flagships of 2017.

Source: BGR

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