Samsung to Launch Galaxy X – A Foldable Smartphone in Soon | Know Specs & Details

Tech enthusiasts in India, it is time to brace yourselves with the new Galaxy X. The much talked about rumored smartphone may actually come to reality. The news of  Galaxy X was first leaked by a Chinese source in March 2017 where he told us that Samsung is working on project valley an idea of a foldable smartphone. Project valley had already been teased by Samsung for a year by then.

Foldable smartphone, now a reality with Galaxy X

It looks like the idea of a foldable smartphone may have moved out of Samsung labs into the hands of the user. The word was Samsung had already built a prototype and was testing it to get into mass production. In numerous leaks, we already learned that the handset is to come in two variants called the Galaxy X and the Galaxy X+.

Galaxy X delayed due to the development of the technology

The previous leak reported that the Galaxy X was supposed to be launched in quarter three in 2017 followed by the Galaxy Note 8 in quarter 4 2017. But the Galaxy Note 8 has already seen the light of the day and is available in most markets to buy. It is believed the technology available for the tech was limited and hence pushed the release further. There are apparently no bendable LED’s hence we are certain that the Galaxy X will be using an OLED panel.

Confirmation of the Samsung Galaxy X

Earlier this year a Samsung officially announced that the company is building a bendable smartphone – think a flip phone with one continuous screen that covers the insides of both halves but we did not know that he was talking about the Galaxy X. But now a WIFI and Bluetooth certification authority similar to that of FCC in Korea has confirmed its launch. It is rumored to have 3GB of RAM and an OLED display.

Other Companies with the Roadmap For Foldable Smartphones 

The idea of a foldable smartphone is not something that was conceptualized by Samsung, but it has always been a part of LG’s roadmap as well. The company has not kept their intention to build a foldable smartphone a secret either.

Depending on the initial response to the new tech and the significant form factor revolution it brings with it, we can likely expect wider adoption next year.

Samsung Galaxy X: Launch Date in India & Price

Expect the Galaxy X to be unveiled somewhere towards the end of the year and a global launch later. There is no word on pricing and availability for now.


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