Samsung’s Latest Patent Reveals That Future Phones Could Read Your Palms | Might Debut On Samsung Galaxy S9

While we have heard little to nothing about the Samsung Galaxy S9 except that it will come in three variants and will sport a Snapdragon 845 processor, a new Samsung patent suggests that it could very well read your palms. This means that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will take the biometric features of the S8 a step ahead by offering a security option to read your palms according to the latest Samsung patent.

New Samsung Patent: Samsung Galaxy S9 could read your palms

Samsung has a lot of patents to its name and already tops the list of manufacturers who offer security options other than a fingerprint sensor. With the Samsung Galaxy S9, it is all set to take the game a notch ahead by offering an option to read your palms.

The palm reading Samsung patent suggests that it will come in use when you are looking for a password hint and might not be a fully fledged biometric way to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S9. If you forget your password and are looking for a password hint, the Samsung patent suggests that the phone can scan your palms and hide subtle hints at your palm instead to remind you of your password.

Samsung already offers the Face-ID, Iris Scanner and the fingerprint sensor options to unlock your device and the new patent just means that a new palm scanning option will be added to the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Price and launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 with palm scanning patent

According to previous leaks the Samsung Galaxy S9 might come earlier than usual in the month of February instead of March when the MWC is held in Barcelona. The latest Samsung Patent however reveals that the palm scanning feature might or might not debut with the Samsung Galaxy S9 as it is still in early stages. The new S9 might however come with no bottom bezels as the company has already developed a way to put the fingerprint sensor under the screen. Expect the Samsung Galaxy S9 to come at roughly the same price as that of the existing S8.

Source: CNet

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