Samsung Pay India Will Make You Lazier Than Before | Adds New Features

Samsung Pay India was launched back in March and it has added quite a few customers to its kitty ever since. However, over the course of few months the competition in the mobile payments has gotten fierce in India with the entry of Google Tez. Samsung wants to maintain the lead it has with offering new updates and features to the app to keep it relevant to the rivals. Samsung Pay India now lets you pay for electricity, DTH, recharge all within your app.

Samsung Pay India: New Features

Samsung Pay India users were surprised to see a couple of new useful features in their app after the update recently. The app now came with the added functionality of paying utility bills online. Facilitated by the NCPI BBPS system, you can now pay for your phone, DTH, electricity from the app. Not only that, but the Indian users of Samsung Pay also be able to set reminders of the due dates of different services that they avail.

Since the demonetisation in India last year around the same time, the digital payments have been on at an all time high and therefore there is fierce competition in the segment. With home grown giants like PayTM, even players like Google have launched their payment options in the country to cater to the huge audience. Samsung Pay India wants to retain its clients by giving them all the features that the competition has while also offering other discounts and schemes.

How can you use Samsung Pay in India?

Samsung Pay India was launched in the country in March and is available in 12 countries globally. It allows you to make payments directly from your phone without you having to take your card out. It uses NFC technology to make payments via your phone and allows you to leave your wallet at home while going out.

Most major merchants support Samsung Pay in India right now with a huge number joining in each day. With the additional features you can now also pay for electricity, water, gas and DTH right from the app which by the way is limited to Samsung phones for now.

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