Sandisk Releases High Speed Industrial Line SD Cards That Can Work in Extreme Conditions

SanDisk released some pretty high-end new SanDisk SD cards that are aimed at automotive and industrial purpose. The Western Digital-owned American manufacturer sanDisk is taking the storage equipment game further by providing some industry-first features in the new SanDisk SD cards.

What is new in the industry line SanDisk SD cards?

The new SanDisk SD cards introduce a new  ‘industrial line’ series. The new SanDisk industrial line as the name suggests can work in extreme temperatures ranging from below zero to 85°C. The exact lowest temperature is said to be as low as -40°C

The new SanDisk SD cards come in varied storage capacities of as low as 8GB up to 64GB and microSD in 8GB-128GB variants. SanDisk hopes the new SanDisk SD cards will find place in industrial cameras, drones, factory automation, and network equipment. They are also equipped with some pretty fast read and write speeds of 50-80Mbps. This ensures that the new industrial line SD cards can provide high bit rate video surveillance to cameras, etc. A feature called automatic refresh ensures the data on your new SanDisk SD cards does not get corrupted. The host lock feature can enable passwords on your memory card so that they are inaccessible to other users.

With new SanDisk SD cards SanDisk has assured that it stays ahead of the competition:

Western digital backed company SanDisk has announced that it has started sampling the new SanDisk SD cards to OEMs across the globe for testing. The new industrial line SD cards will soon go into mass production with the first products hitting us sometime next year.

With the advent in technology, it is good to see that sanDisk is doing some great research and development in the field of storage devices like memory cards. Before launching the new SanDisk SD cards, sanDisk also launched some other industry-first features. When 4k recording on phones became very essential in high-end smartphones, sanDisk realized we need to have a high-end memory card that can write data on your storage device as fast as it is recorded by the hardware. For this purpose sanDisk was the first to introduce its new SanDisk extreme series of SD cards that were made for professional photographers and high end voice recorders. Expect the new SanDisk SD cards to carry a huge price tag when they hit the shelves.

Source: The Verge


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