SAS Nagar (Mohali) Men Rank Highest on Obesity Scale

Mohali is among the urban cities of Punjab that often hosts International cricket matches. But men here like to watch the sport sitting in the stadium or in front of their television set rather than playing it on the ground. The recent survey report has made the picture clear that people in Mohali are not as fit as their fittest sports stars and ranked highest on the obesity scale.

Who all are obese

Men from SAS Nagar, which is also known as Mohali, have been ranked highest on obesity scale. As per the survey conducted by The National Family Health Survey (NFHS), around 54% men in Mohali are obese in the age bracket of 15-54 years making every second urban obese in SAS Nagar district.

Also, it is to be mentioned that 43% urban women of Mohali district are obese in the age group of 15-49 years. The obesity scale percentage concludes that every fourth of ten urban women is obese in Mohali. Apart from this 32% of Chandigarh men are obese and 11% men in Panchkula are obese. The survey was done for 779 households, 880 women, and 149 men.

As published in Hindustan Times, obesity has inflicted major chunk of the country with maximum people falling in Punjab state. The ever increasing obesity owes to the sedentary lifestyle in fast paced city life. If soon nothing is done to eradicate this problem then obesity will become the number one killer in the next decade.

Reason for obesity in Mohali

Consumption of high-calorie junk food, lack of exercise and usage of mobile phones and laptops are the main reason for obesity to flourish in the Mohali district. People should benefit from the parks and separate pedestrian pavements on the roads to indulge in physical exercises, which can further lead to healthier well being.

What About Women

  • 39. 4% women in SAS Nagar are obese which is the second highest in tricity
  • 41.5% women of Chandigarh are obese
  • Panchkula has 22.9% women as obese

Obesity in Other Parts of Punjab

Patiala men are also among the leaders in obesity with 40.6% obesity in Punjab. Also, women of Rupnagar, Punjab are in talks for their obesity, which is the highest with 43.6%.

With these many obese people in and around Mohali districts, the authorities should start some health awareness campaigns and implement healthy leaving initiatives to improve the obesity numbers.

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