Here’s What Satinder Sartaj’s Movie “The Black Prince” is All About

Satinder Sartaj’s upcoming Punjabi movie ‘The Black Prince’ which is all set to have its worldwide release on July 21, 2017 this year is taking the Punjabi movie industry by storm already. Satinder Sartaj who is a renowned face in the Punjabi music industry with his soulful voice and a track record of phenomenal successes achieved through his songs is all set to reveal about ‘The Black Prince’, Maharaja Duleep Singh by playing the male lead in the Punjabi movie.

Satinder Sartaj in The Black Prince 

When asked about what made him do this sort of comeback by portraying the royal character set in the old era of British Raj of the last Sikh Prince of Punjab, Maharaja Duleep Singh, Satinder Sartaj proudly boasts of having an emotional connect with  ‘The Black Prince.’ Having a similar body type along with the synonymity offered by Punjabi music enthusiast Satinder Sartaj with his intrinsic shy nature that clicked a big time with what  ‘The Black Prince’, Maharaja Duleep Singh in 1800’s had. The Singer even went on to have a rigorous session of learning acting in a Mumbai based acting school to justify the royal character of the most misinterpreted rulers of all times of Punjab, Maharaja Duleep Singh via Punjabi cinema,  ‘The Black Prince’ in 2017.

The Black Prince: Official Trailer

Watch the official trailer of The Black Prince’ below.

The Black Prince : Highlights

  • The movie all set o be released on July 21, 2017 would be out in three languages, English, Hindi & Punjabi
  • ‘The Black Prince’ depicts the hardship suffered and borne by the ruler to get his kingdom back
  • The entire journey ranging from childhood to the ruler in making, ‘The Black Prince’ exhibits it all
  • All the songs in ‘The Black Prince’ have been written and sung by Satinder Sartaj himself
  • Satinder Sartaj makes his debut duet song with ‘Beet Janiyan’ in the movie ‘The Black Prince’
  • ‘The Black Prince’ delivers the truth and harsh reality with an added twist of satire and sarcasm in it

The Black Prince: The Misinterpreted Prince of Punjab

The makers of the movie have left no stone unturned to justify and portray the character of Maharaja Duleep Singh via ‘The Black Prince’ in the most brutally honest ways and the truest form as possible. Great amount of hard work and such minute precision which even involved reading old texts and correcting the misunderstood facts like his Date of Birth etc, certainly shall be rewarded in the best possible manner.

Shattering the cruel and misinterpreted & misunderstood of Punjab Prince, Maharaja Duleep Singh via The Black Prince, the facts shall be out on July 21, 2017 with its release!

Source: HT

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