Chandigarh | A Panchkula School Teacher Found Dead in Her Car With 25 Stab Marks

Chandigarh | A women from Panchkula working as a school teacher at the Chandimandir Cantonment Army Public School was found dead in her car at Bhander Ghati on the Chandimandir-Ramgarh road with severe 25 stab wounds on her body on Thursday night.

The victim has been identified as Reena Devi aged 39 who was with her son in Sector 20 on the night of the murder.

School Teacher’s Brutal Murder- The Victim

The victim Reena Devi Pun who left her house at 9:30 pm on Thursday with her 15-year-old son to buy pizza only to be found murdered in her own vehicle resided in a flat at Peer Muchalla near Sector 20 Panchkula.

The victim’s car Marutiboreio beared a Gujarat registration number.

The victim’s husband Sandeep Kumar is a security in-charge at a factory in Baddi and lived away from her family and came to visit on weekends. According to sources, he spoke to her wife at 9:15 pm on the same night.

Body of Reena Devi was found in a very worse condition by the Panchkula Police. According to the post mortem report the victim died of multiple organ failure and was stabbed by a very sharp object, deeply injuring her head, liver, legs and chest.

The victim’s neighbors have told that she did not interact with them a lot.

The Crime Scene – Panchkula

As there is still no strong evidence found about the reason of the murder of Reena Devi, police is still investigating the matter.

After not finding his mother outside the Pizza shop the victim’s son headed back home without any sense of danger. Police is confused about why the son of the victim did not inform his father or the police on his mother’s sudden disappearance.

As per sources, the Panchkula police is quite sure that the victim was with someone before she got murdered as two liquor bottles, a lot of cigarette stubs, Reena’s cell phone and a helmet were found in the victims car.

The victim according to a doctor who conducted the post-mortem on the victim’s body has gauged that she was stabbed with a lot of hostility and was stabbed several times near her heart. Severe bleeding has also been counted as one of the reasons of her death.

Such murder cases in Panchkula & Chandigarh area are becoming a common thing as almost every second day we get to hear such crimes. May God bless our city and give people a better understanding.

Source – HT, The Tribune

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