Chandigarh School Teachers Banned from Using Mobile Phones During School Hours

Chandigarh school teachers won’t be able to use mobile phones during official working hours of their duty as the decision by the authorities goes viral in a jiffy. If you are a school teacher in Chandigarh’s government school, beware! because the authorities do not allow you now to use your mobile phones when on school premises.

Yes, that’s true. Not only students are under the scrutiny of the decision, the norm now applies to the teachers, faculty and staff as well to maintain the discipline and decorum of the school in Chandigarh.

Why the stringent move in Chandigarh?

District Education Officer in a revised CBSE curriculum for the academic session of 2017 -2018 took the strict decision. The decision of banning the use of mobile phones in the school should not restrict only to students while teachers continued to do the same. DEO ensured strict vigilance by creating mass awareness as to how the misuse of the mobile phones happens at the “temples of education.” The pious place where children learn and grow definitely needed measures in which would lead to the overall development of the future citizens of the world. Ensuring discipline, the DEO of Chandigarh assures that circulars have been released which directly aims at confiscating the cell phones if found in use by the teachers as a part of the punishment that would be enforced if a defaulter forbids to abide by the norm.

Steps Taken to implement the move

Leaving no stone un-turned, the decision has been imposed and let’s see what all it incorporates as the implementation process occurs in full swing in Chandigarh. Here’s what all we would see happening.

  • Heads of government and government aided schools to prohibit the use of phones
  • Separate places like lockers to be made available to keep their phones safe
  • No phone even in the silent mode is allowed during the working hours
  • The move aims to reduce the impairment and distraction caused in the class
  • School landline numbers to be given to families of teachers to contact them in case of emergency
  • Principal’s responsibility increases as it makes sure the message is conveyed via himself/herself
  • Inspection at regular intervals for strict vigilance in place
  • Aims to reduce distraction, the menace of MMS videos being made and circulated
  • Reduce lack of concentration, anxiety, panic attacks and misuse
  • Notice via assemblies and installations at school entrance to create awareness about the same

Why Students, Teachers to be roped in too !

Well in the end, the relationship between teacher-taught is not one way. Respecting the boundaries of the mutual symbiotic relationship of the both strata, the decision came handy as nothing new was encountered. It is simply an extension of what previously exists in the applicability of the decision. So, decorum not counts when students walk in a straight paths with their hands at the back at one arm distance from each other. It is maintained by even those who are in charge of it.

Hence, we welcome the move in Chandigarh and it surely would enhance the efficiency of the working system of the schools for sure.

Source : HT

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