Another Firing Incident at Score distrupts disco culture in Chandigarh

Score, a well known disco in sector 8, Chandigarh is becoming more popular for fights, brawls and firing incidents which are making it lose charm and are affecting its fame as one of the top night clubs in Chandigarh.

In a recent firing incident at Score, a group of 4 people from Tarn Taran district of Punjab had a brawl with disc bouncers at 2:00 AM in the night. The reason of the fight was that these guys wanted to stay in the club after 2:00 AM even tough it was closing time and the DJ had also stopped the music. They created a fuss in the club at the closing time which forced the bouncers to take action and pull them outside the club. One of the group members reportedly took out a gun from his car and started to fire gunshots targeting people standing outside Score from the parking area. He fired 9 gunshots blindly injuring 3 people badly.

Among the injured are a girl belonging to Delhi, a boy belonging to Ropar and a staff member of the club. All 3 were hit by bullets and are currently admitted in the PGI. The group of 4 fled from the scene leaving behind their zen car.

Effect of firing incidents at Score, Chandigarh

These kind of firing incidents have definitely brought a bad name not just to Score Chandigarh but to the entire disco culture and night life in the city. There has been news about similar incidents from other discos in Chandigarh as well. Night clubs in Chandigarh have the permission to remain open till 2:00 AM in the night and such incidents often occur at these hours.

What can be done to curb such incidents?

Although such incidents are common in other cities too, but they do not portray Chandigarh as a safe city. Police needs to be present at disco sites in Chandigarh. Apart from the presence of Police, Chandigarh Metro’s founder Ajay Deep hereby gives another suggestion that can help minimize the crime. Bouncers outside the disco should collect the Identity Proofs of everyone entering the club and these shall be returned while the person leaves the premises. This will not just help the disc authorities know who is in the disc but will make people responsible and cautious as their identity cards like DL, Pan Card etc. will be with the disco administration.


Ajay Deep

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