Chandigarh SD College Student Found Shot in His Car on Panchkula – Morni Hills Road

A second-year B.Com student from the prestigious SD College in Chandigarh was found dead inside his car on Morni Road in Panchkula in a possible case of Blue Whale challenge. The deceased was Tanishq Bhasin, a son of an advocate Sunil Bhasin of Sector 4, Panchkula. The Police have already started the investigation but the initial signs point towards a possible case of Blue Whale death of the SD College student.

Tanishq was found dead in his car on Morni Road, Panchkula:

On the morning of 9th November, a passerby on the morni road of Panchkula called the Police to inform them about a body inside a car. The police, when reached the spot, found a boy inside a Toyota Corolla Car that was locked from the inside. The car was opened somehow and the body of SD College student was identified by his Adhar Card and Driving License in his wallet. The Police then informed Panchkula resident Sunil Bhasin who is the victim’s father. The Panchkula family has ruled out the possibility of a murder of the SD College student and maintained that he had no enemies at all. Since the car was locked from the inside, Police have been inclined towards to a possible case of suicide and perhaps an incident of blue whale challenge in SD College.

Somehow, the story of a Blue Whale case does not seem all fictional since the Panchkula parents have confirmed that the deceased used to spend an unacceptable time on the phone. The deceased boy Tanishq Bhasin was an introvert and did well in his studies. His fellow classmates from SD College and close friends from Panchkula Sector 4 will be questioned to get to the core of the incident.

Clues of SD Colege student Tanishq’s death that point towards the possibility of Blue Whale game:

Tanishq had called up his servant at 8:30 PM and told he will be back for dinner at his Panchkula residence. The SD College student later called him again and changed his mind. Since the Police had found the Toyota Corolla Car locked from the inside on Morni Road in Panchkula, they started investigating a possible case of suicide relating to Blue Whale challenge.

Tanishq had fired two bullets from a 32 bore pistol that is very hard to acquire these days and did not belong to the family. The first shot was fired in the air whose shell fell just outside the car in Panchkula, the second one was shot on his temple and the corresponding shell was found inside the car itself. The gun was found in the right hand of SD College student and since the parents complained about spending too much time on his phone all of a sudden, the Blue Whale game at the centre of the incident is not really unlikely.

Source: Indian Express

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