This Chandigarh Startup Named “SD Fine Arts” is Re-defining Art Trends in Tricity

SD Fine Arts, Chandigarh based startup is carving its own story and it’s a wonderful one. When we think of startups, what comes to our mind is some technology driven company, but here at SD Fine Arts, the concept is quite different. Comprising of a Team of Artists dedicated to bringing Art into every space this city holds, SD Fine Arts is an art driven startup, probably the first one in this field at Chandigarh.

Their online Portal ( lets you order a hand sketched/hand painted portrait by just uploading your picture & selecting an art form from various options displayed. A dedicated Team of Artists works on bringing out the particular Artwork. If we talk about numbers, then SD Fine Arts claims to have delivered over 2,000 such portraits worldwide.

Graffiti is one of the key trends that SD Fine Arts is flourishing in. Some of the awesome works done by them in graffiti include:

  • 5th Avenue Restaurant in Hyatt Regency, Chandigarh.
  • Wall Arts at the famous chain “Burgrill” in Sector 8.
  • Exclusive works at Chitkara University’s Explore Hub.
  • Interior walls at Chitkara Innovation incubator.

The list goes on as more and more office spaces are these days looking for some creativity at their premises. You don’t even need an idea as the entire concept is planned and executed by SD Fine Arts Team, Chandigarh.

Ah, did we tell you that their own office is a masterpiece! Visit them sometime.

Creative Art Products by SD Fine Arts

1) Coffee Paintings that is painting made with freshly brewed coffee.

2) Destructive Art is the art which brings out rough patches of fine art beneath the wall.

3) Wooden Block Paintings is the puzzle of wooden blocks which when combined turns out to be an extraordinary oil painting.

4) Metal Artworks is the artwork which has an eye catching beauty because this art is a combination of nuts and bolts which turn out to be a fine art.

5) Book Art has its own uniqueness as this includes folding of infinite numbers of pages to turn out to become a 3D output.

6) Hand painted Tees is a new trend now as the strokes of the brushes makes them different from the usual printed t-shirts.

7) Thread Art is tangled threads knitted with nail and that combination turns out to be a beautiful artwork.



Corporate Gifting is the newly explored side where they have a great balance of Gifting and Creativity. When you are buying corporate gifts to support your company branding, you should be looking for quality that depicts your image and that is what they offer. The Team will assist you in finding the perfect gift for all occasions, from events and client gifting to staff rewards and recognition.

Get over with the old tradition of sweets, give them a personalized gift with SD Fine Arts.

Get a Glimpse of SD Fine Arts Work

SD Fine Arts, Chandigarh

Facebook –

Instagram – sdfinearts

For queries & orders, Call – +91-8557875348

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with these super fine artists of our city – SD Fine Arts, Chandigarh.


Ajay Deep

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