These Red Coloured Buildings in Sector 17 Chandigarh to Get a New Look

If ever you have visited the city beautiful Chandigarh, then you must be aware about Sector 17 Plaza that is considered as the heart of the city. Although Sector 17 Plaza is the most famous place of Chandigarh, the showrooms wear a rough look.

As a part of the smart city project and to give a new life to Sector 17, all showroom buildings in the plaza area will get a makeover. The engineering department of the UT Administration has planned to give a new look to the buildings in Sector 17 Plaza and the work will be started soon.

Highlights of the Sector 17 buildings

Taking into consideration the deterioration of the buildings in Sector 17 Plaza, the engineering department has come up with a solution to paint it with a hydrophobic coating. Starting with E-block of Sector 17 Plaza, all the buildings will be decorated with the hydrophobic coating to give it a new attractive look. UV rays, dirt, pollution and rain become the main reason for the decay of the buildings. So, the new idea will be a solution. Some highlights of this include:

  • It will be a water repellent coating that will not allow the water to enter the building.
  • The coating of the building is very much cost effective to use.
  • It will also resist the bacteria to form algae.
  • It will also increase the life of the building.

After Capitol Complex got the status of World Heritage by UNESCO, UT Administration felt the necessity to enhance and maintain the beauty of Sector 17 Plaza as well. In the very initial stage, the department has decided to first shun the old look of the buildings in Sector 17.

Much More for Sector 17

After the visit of V.P Badnore in Sector 17 Plaza, UT Administration has looked upon to develop the place with the aim to increase the footfall at Sector 17 Plaza in Chandigarh. Mr.Badnore (UT Administrator) has even appreciated the efforts and has also given the go-ahead approval to the department for the same.

  • Viewer’s gallery near Football Stadium.
  • Food Courts.
  • An Arena for cultural hub.
  • Walking track.
  • Green spaces within Plaza.

So, the next time you visit Sector 17, you might get to see the work in progress.


Gurjit Kaur

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