Following Sector 17 now Sector 22 Chandigarh Traders Call For A No Vending Zone | Hold A Candle March

Following the footsteps of their Sector 17 counterparts, traders from the Sector 22 market in Chandigarh have called for a no vending zone too. They gathered for a candle march on 14th of November and demanded the Chandigarh Administration take action against illegal vendors. The no vending zone issue has already been in the news after much debate in sector 17 and now the sector 22 traders want them out too.

What exactly are the Sector 22 Vendors in Chandigarh Demanding?

Unlike the Sector 17 traders who were demanding the Administration to move all vendors out, traders of Sector 22 Chandigarh want the illegal vendors who are sitting in the market without permission to be moved out. The trader association complained that there are a number of vendors in the Sector 22 market who have made it impossible for the customers to even move their feet freely in the Chandigarh market. The vendors have occupied all possible space and have even started vending in the parking area which has escalated the parking problems in the Sector 22 market. More than 200 traders of the market had assembled for a candle march which aimed at getting Chandigarh Administration’s attention on the issue. They believe that the Sector 22 market of Chandigarh was of huge cultural importance to the city and these vendors were harming the sanctity of the place. The Shastri Market of 22 is famous for providing clothing and other products at a very low price as compared to other areas of the city.

Sector 17 traders from Chandigarh had gone the same route a week ago.

Sector 17 which is considered to be the most sophisticated area of the Chandigarh city was recently in the news when it was declared open to vendors. The huge decision went on to create a major difference in the Sector 17 market. The once posh area of Chandigarh houses the biggest global and national brands of clothing, watches, etc but now was struggling to maintain its sanctity which took a major hit due to these vendors. After much protests which even included a blackout by the traders of the market, Chandigarh administration finally agreed to reverse the decision and showed these vendors the exit.

Source: Tribune

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