11 Awesome Things About (Sector 36, Chandigarh) That Make It Unique

Sector 36 of Chandigarh is one of the popular sector of the city that attracts a good crowd everyday. Be it young fashionable girls, guys on a gedi trying to impress those girls or disciplined retired army officials, you can find all sorts of people in Sector 36. The parking in the Sector 36-D market area is always full during the day & one has to struggle a bit to find a place. If we had to define Sector 36, here are 10 things that relate to this area in the best way.

11 Things That Make Sector 36 Chandigarh So Unique

Let’s grab a list of what makes Chandigarh’s Sector 36 a definite vouch!

  • MCM DAV College For Women

To top the list of best things in Sector 36 is one of the most famous girls college of Chandigarh – MCM DAV. It is known not only for its academic laurels, but the institute has provided the finest actors, politicians, academicians and defence officers to the country. Founded in year 1968, MCM DAV college in Sector 36 attracts students from all across North India. Termed as a pride for Sector 36, the road on which MCM DAV college is built, attracts handsome guys with open jeeps, bikes and modified cars. Beware, there’s a PCR outside the college gate at all times.

  • The PG Onsite (Paying Guest)

The second thing that can define Sector 36 are the PG (Paying Guests). Located in the residential areas of sector 36, these pg accommodations prove to be a home to girl students. Apart from MCM DAV, there’s another college in Sector 36 and thus the pg culture in this sector has grown to a high level. There are more girls pg as compared to boys pg in this sector.

  • Garden of Fragrance, Chandigarh

Situated Right in the heart of Sector 36 is the Garden of Fragrance that adds shades of green to this sector. Beautifully constructed in concentric circles, the garden provides a good path for jogging, walking & exercises to people from all generations. Garden of  Fragrance is usually populated during morning and evening hours as sector residents choose this beautiful garden to have a nice time with the nature. Being a well-known garden of Chandigarh, it is also a tourist spot.

  • Beautiful Fashionable Girls

Although the entire city of Chandigarh is famous for beautiful girls as they call – ‘Shehar Chandigarh Diyan Kudiyan Att Ne‘ but girls of Sector 36 have a special charm. We tried finding out the reason but are still stuck on this difficult task. Anyway, if you are a guy, you’ll be able to relate to this fact when you go on a gedi to Sector 36 and if you are a girl living in Sector 36 of Chandigarh, I guess a mirror would tell you better than anyone else!

  • Street Food To Fancy Food Joints (Sec 36 Market)

Craving for evening munchies or breakthrough from monotonous food routines, Sector 36 is an area that has a bunch of good food joints. You name it and sector 36 has it. You can enjoy western fusion food at HashGuys or a yummy overstuffed roll from Roll Xpress. Couples and business colleagues are generally spotted at CCD or Baker Brother. Latest addition of Indian Coffee House in Sector 36 market is a new celebration in the crowd.

  • Gedi Route (No. 2)

We all know the gedi route of Chandigarh that comprises Sector 9, 10 and 11. To be precise, it is the CITCO area in Leisure Valley, opposite Govt. Arts Museum. But as they say, every girls college becomes a gedi route. You’ll be able to see a lot of cars with loud foot tapping music on the road where MCM DAV college is situated as well as the Sector 36 market.


Sector 36 has become the second gedi route of Chandigarh. It starts from Fragrance Garden, covers Alliance Franchise institute, MCM DAV Collage, covers Sector 36 market and sometimes extends till Dev Samaj College. (Image Credits – Manoj Mahajan, The Tribune).

  • Alliance Franchise, Sector 36

If you get confused reading the above, let us tell you that Sector 36 Chandigarh has a French Institute which is recognized by the French Embassy in India. A lot of students from different parts of North India come here to learn French language and experience the France culture and style of living.

  • Dev Samaj College Of Education

Sector 36 has another college by the name of Dev Samaj College of Education. This college is different from the Dev Samaj women college which happens to in Sector 45. This college was founded in 1986 with a foresight of promoting woman education. The institute provides courses in the field of education and social sciences for women at UG and PG levels. It also has some PGDM and Short term courses that attract a lot of girls to pursue their education from Dev Samaj College in Sector 36.

  • Hibiscus Garden & Dhalia Garden, Chandigarh

Sector 36 also has the Hibiscus garden of Chandigarh. Located on the main road dividing Sector 23 with 36 in Sector 36-A, Hibiscus Garden is yet another spot for youngsters. The garden has over 40 varieties of hibiscus flower. The garden is also famous for its bamboo trees and is a tourist place under Chandigarh tourism.

Another garden in Sector 36 is the Dhalia Garden. It is famous for its Dhalia flowers and greenery. It is located opposite Fragrance Garden and attracts morning walkers as well as evening strollers.

  • Coaching Institutes

Sector 36 Chandigarh is a home to many coaching institutes. From coaching inatitutes that provide medical, non-medical or commerce coaching to +1 and +2 students to IAS preparation institutes, Sector 36 has them all. Some prominent institutes found in Sector 36 include – Dhronacharya IAS, Ablaze, A.K. Vidyamandir, TIME, College of Commerce, etc.

  • ISKON Temple, Sector 36, Chandigarh

Last but not the least, the sector also has a religious place that is well known as ISKON temple and is national level temple. Famous for Hare Krishana Movement worldwide, the temple can observe over splurging crowd around clock with their routine prayer throughout the day and special celebrations on Janmashtami every year.

This article has been sourced by Jigyasa Tandon, a student at MCM DAV College, Chandigarh. 

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More information about Sector 36, Chandigarh.

Apart from the 10 things that define Chandigarh, here’s some more information about this particular sector.

  • Pic code of Sector 36 = 160036.
  • The sector has its own Police Station.
  • Sector 36 also has DSOI. It is Defence Services Officer’s Institute, Chandigarh.
  • Sector 36 is surrounded by Sector 35, 37, 24 and 42 on its 4 sides.
  • The sector has its own post office within the market area.

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