After Sector 33-34, Another Roundabout in Chandigarh Goes Away

Roundabouts of Chandigarh have always been a beauty symbol. You’ll be disappointed to know that another roundabout in the city has vanished and will be replaced by traffic lights. After the removal of rotary on Sector 33-34 dividing road, Chandigarh administration has decided to remove the roundabout of Sector 43-44 as well and replace it with traffic lights.

Why such decision and its benefits

Chandigarh administration has taken the decision to remove the roundabout for the sake of traffic. During peak hours, people face huge traffic chaos on Sector 43-44 roundabout. One reason for such huge traffic is that ISBT 43 is close to the roundabout. During morning and evening hours, roads are jam packed with people which takes a minimum of 45 minutes to pass through this stretch of road diving sector 43 and 44. Also, Sector 43-44 roundabout serves as a route for buses thus creating a chaos at peak hours thereby affecting the functioning of traffic management rules. Removal of 43-44 roundabout will assist in:

  • Smooth flow of traffic
  • No traffic chaos
  • Less time consumption for travelling
  • Decrease in number of accidents

Traffic congestion is the only reason behind the removal of Sector 43- 44 roundabout and it is expected that this decision will improve the traffic problem in this area.

More Traffic Lights:

Chandigarh administration has already implemented their decision and the work for the removal of the roundabout is in process. Soon people of the city beautiful will see traffic lights instead of the roundabout at Sector 43-44.

Few months back also, Chandigarh administration removed 2 small roundabouts from sector 32-33 and 34 respectively and has installed traffic lights. It seems that the administration plans to remove all small roundabouts in Chandigarh that cannot handle more traffic due to small radius.

We are not too sure if the decision is right. Chandigarh is known for its wide roads and beautifully maintained roundabouts. With traffic signals taking over, we are not too sure if traffic issue will be sorted or not. Let’s see!


Gurjit Kaur

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