Senior Journo K J Singh & His Mother Found Dead at Mohali Home | Murder Suspected

Chandigarh’s Senior journalist, Karan Jeet Singh, who was better known as K J Singh and his mother were been brutally killed in their residence during the midnight at around 2 am, recently. The victims, KJ Singh was a renowned journalist and the resident of Mohali near Chandigarh. The valuables including the household items, car, electronic gadgets and some gold ornaments are reportedly missing from the house.

K J Singh was a renowned journalist based in Chandigarh and has worked with The Indian Express, The Times of India and The Tribune newspapers in the region.

How was K J Singh and his mother killed 

As per the victims’ post-mortem reports, it was learnt that the Chandigarh based, senior journalist, K J Singh was stabbed 14-15 times by a sharp-edged weapon, maybe a knife or a dagger. His throat was slit by a knife and was inflicted by a multiple stabbing in his lower abdomen, chest and hand. The autopsy report declared that Karan Jeet died due to excessive bleeding. However, the second victim, which was K J Singh’s mother, Gurcharan is said to have been strangulated to death by a cloth as she did not sustain any other injury marks on her body. The bodies of both the victims were sent to the Mohali Civil Hospital, which is near Chandigarh for the post-mortem.

Murder of Chandigarh based journalist K J Singh suspected 

Initially, after studying the entire episode of the Chandigarh-based journalist K J Singh and his mother’s killing, the Mohali Police believed that it was committed by some professional killers. The police also thought that killers must have broken into the house with the intention of robbery and later killed both K J Singh and his mother, out of fear of being caught. But now after the thorough probe into the case, the Mohali Police suspects of murder that has been executed professionally and represented as theft. Though the police are not ruling out the incident as the contract killing, they have managed to get some vital clues in the Chandigarh double killing case.

Evidence collected in the case

It is pertinent to mention that the Mohali Police have collected the CCTV footage of the area to get close to the suspect. Also, the victim, K J Singh’s mobile phone, laptop, internet router and external hard disk have been taken away and signed by the Police in the pretext of the crime’s pieces of evidence. Police have also managed to find someone’s footprints on the garden’s wall which leads to the fact that the suspect must have entered from the garden area.

The further investigation in the twin killing case of Chandigarh’s journalist K J Singh and his mother is still on. Let’s hope that the Mohali Police soon nabs the suspect.



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