You can Set Up Your Google Home With Multiple Users | Here’s How

Are you aware that you can setup multiple users in your Google Home System? Even if you are, do you know how you can set multiple users in your Google Home? This new Google can easily distinguish between at most the 6-google accounts hence; making is feasible for every individual in house to use it.

All you people: Did you know Google home basically operated by recognizing your voice, allowing you to listen music, adding items to your shopping list and even by checking the daily news. With the feature if allowing 6 Google accounts to access one Google home, now each and every individual using Google Home can get personalized responses from Google home on daily basis.

Isn’t it amazing guys? Now 6 Google Accounts can be linked to single Google Home. How exciting is it?

Scroll below to find more exciting details about-

  • How to add an additional account to Google Home
  • Adjusting Google Home Preferences
  • How to personalize the news sources

How to Add an Additional Account to Google Home

If you are adding an account that does not belong to you, the users will have to follow the given instructions step by step on their respective mobile phones. These steps will include the process of teaching Google Home to recognize their voice, making it feasible for it to use that voice when talking.

Step 1- Open Google Home

Step 2- Tap the device icon present on the upper right corner

Step 3- Click on the Link your account button [It is very much possible that on clicking, you will see multiple accounts available]

Step4- Click continue

Step 5- Teach Google Home your voice by simply following all the displayed instructions

Step 6- Press Continue

Adjusting Google Home Preferences

Now, if you are looking to adjust the preferences of Google Home, following these simple steps will help you get that done.

Step 1- Open your Google Home

Step 2- Click on the device icon that you will see on the upper right corner on the screen

Step 3- Click on the menu button displaying on the screen of Google Home that appears like “…”

Step 4- Tap on Settings

Step 5- Click on More option available under Google Assistant Settings

Step 6- Tap on the feature that you need to adjust and make the preferred changes by checking in or out the boxes.

Step 7- Click on the back arrow and Wooppiie! The changes are saved

Personalising the new Sources

Now, if you want to personalize the new sources that are present in the Google Home, follow these steps and Walla! You are done.

Step 1- Open your Google Home

Step 2- Again click on the device icon available on the upper right corner on screen

Step 3- Click on the menu button “…” that is appearing on the screen

Step 4- Go for the settings option displayed on the screen

Step 5- Click on more options that is provided under the Google Assistant Settings

Step 6- Select the “News”

Step 7- Click on “Add” , this will allow you to add new sources.

Step 8- Select the new sources.

Here, is the guide to how to add new user to Google Home, change the preferences and manage the sources of Google Home. Stay tuned for more upcoming news and guide.

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