Sex Racket Busted in Himachal | Women From Punjab, Taxi Drivers From Manali Held

A sex racket in McLeodganj area of Himachal Pradesh has been busted. In a horrifying arrest that happened, two women hailing from Punjab and men serving as taxi drivers in Manali were held for running a sex racket in McLeodganj, Manali and other areas of Himachal. The arrests were made on Tuesday following the leads given by the previous arrests that were made a few days back in UP. The traces were revealed by accused who were arrested in a similar case earlier.

4 Arrested for Sex Racket

Police officials have arrested four persons actively running a sex racket in the region for a long time. A 20-year old young lady and a 28-year old woman have been arrested who claim to hail from Ludhiana, Punjab. The arrests were made in Manali wherein two men serving as taxi drivers were also actively involved in the racket. A team of 12 police officials raided several places in Punjab to detain the suspects. The team was led by a senior inspector as well who have seized the laptop and other important documents which could provide possible leads from a house in Amritsar, Punjab.

How the Racket was Being Run 

The mastermind of the entire racket hails from Amritsar, Punjab who is on the run. The racket has been operating at a large scale and many more possible arrests are feasible in the near future. On interrogation, it was found out that the racket was being operated through an online portal from where bookings were made and services were offered at priority. Girls hailing from Pathankot and nearby areas were also involved in making the services available to the clients.

Rescue Operation in Full Swing

The recent arrests were a disgrace to society wherein women and young ladies were forced to cater to this filthy business. Rescuing many of them in the previous arrests made earlier, a 22-year old young girl hailing from Uttar Pradesh was the recent one who got freedom from their clutches.

During previous detention of accused people involved in the racket, a massive rescue operation was carried out wherein police officials from Kangra made four arrests from Noida (UP) and six girls were saved who were forced into the system.

On one hand we boast about developments that are happening in terms of improved sex ratio and lesser number of female feticide cases, on the other hand cases like these sends chills across one’s spine that even after having a girl in the family, they are forced into such activities. Having a girl child is one thing to boast in the present scenario, and losing her to such unscrupulous elements of the society is another. The saddest part is involvement of women in such cases. No doubt, society is heading towards its doom !

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