Shatabdi Trains Fare Cut: Indian Railways To Reduce Fares

Shatabdi Trains Fare Cut to affect only 25 out of the total 45 Shatabdi trains that are run by the Indian railways

Indian Railways might announce Shatabdi Trains Fare Cut which would allow you to travel In these trains at lower prices. Shatabdi is one of the fastest trains in India and many passengers board the train to reach their destinations in minimum time. However, the fares had gone too high which had made it impossible for a few people to take the train.

Indian Railways data shows that these trains then started to run on lower occupancies thus reducing the revenue by a huge margin. Shatabdi Trains Fair Cut will ensure more people will now be able to travel by these trains on fares comparable to that of a bus.

Shatabdi Trains Fare Cut: Why Did Indian Railways Slash The Fares?

Apparently the flexi fare system introduced earlier by the Indian railways lead to hike in the fares of trains like Shatabdi, Duronto and Rajdhani. With a sudden hike in fares more and more people started to board busses to reach their destinations by road which was a pretty affordable option. This lead to a fall in the revenue for Indian railways and thus Shatabdi Trains Fare Cut was introduced.

The decision seems to be very calculated as Indian railways had plied a pilot program on Delhi-Ajmer and Chennai-Mysuru last year. What seems to have impacted the Shatabdi Trains Fare Cut is that the revenues went up 17% and the passenger traffic by approximately 63%. All Indian railways did was slash the fares by up to Rupees 300 to match the fares of modern busses that ran between the same routes.

Shatabdi Train Fare Cut: Important points on the Indian Railways decision

Well before you get excited we want you to know that the Shatabdi Trains Fare Cuts will be applied by the Indian railways only on those routed where passenger traffic is low due to the passengers ditching the train in favor of on road transportation. Shatabdi Trains Fare Cut will come into affect for only 25 out of the total 45 trains that are run by Indian railways. This will ensure the department to use its recourses better and generate more revenue.


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