Shimla Gets a New Book Cafe & It’s Run By Prisoners of Shimla Jail

In Shimla, the Prisoners at a Shimla Jail will now run a cafe on the ridge during the day. The cafe will be just above Shimla’s iconic Ridge will have free wifi access for the visitors and also the fast food items. The cafe is basically a book cafe.

With a seating for 40, the most important part of Shimla Book cafe is that is is being run by prisoners who are currently serving a sentence at Shimla Jail. The cafe is an example of how prisoners can be transformed as they also want to lead a happy life. People coming to this Shimla cafe interact with prisoners and enjoy pizzas and other bakery products made by them.

Shimla Book Cafe Run By Prisoners

Darshan Singh, Jai Chand and Yograj are serving life sentences for murder and other charges at a Shimla Jail. The local municipal corporation and the Shimla jail authorities have allowed Darshan, Jai, Yograj to run a cafe during the day.

The cafe will be named as “Book Cafe”. The Book Cafe will provide books, magazines, free wifi access, fast food to the visitors. The inmates will be running the Book Cafe in Shimla.

The Shimla Deputy Mayor said that the Book Cafe will also act as a mini library as it will have books of national and international importance.

Things You Must Know About The Book Cafe

The Book Cafe is located at Taka Beach and was inaugurated in hill town on Tuesday.The Book Cafe received a lot of publicity even before it was opened.The state tourism department and the municipal corporation will also be providing logistical aid to the Book cafe.  The Book Cafe is situated on the way to the popular Jakhu Temple and right above the Ridge. The Book Cafe will have:

  • Tourism and History Books
  • It will also have the book from the days of British Raj
  • Coffee
  • Snacks

Darshan, the bakery manager at the Book Cafe in Shimla thanked the jail authorities and local civic body for giving him an opportunity to run a cafe during the day.

The other prisoners Jai and Yograj said that they are not sure about the term of their prison. They also said that they are free during the day and will operate the Book cafe in shimla.

A tourist from Faridabad visited Shimla and went to the Book cafe. He said he went to the cafe and checked out some books on the history of Shimla like Past and Present by Edward J. Buck. The book was written by Edward in 1904. The visitors will also experience the products made by the prisoner at the Book Cafe.

Bakery Products And A Lot More

The Book Cafe in Shimla will have the bakery products, books and also woolen shawls. Himachal Pradesh is famous for woolen shawls and the prisoners have been making woolen shawls which will also be there at the Book Cafe.

By doing this the prisoners will be able to supplement their income and will get some recognition.

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