Shimla Makes It To India’s Smart City List & Here’s What Will Change

The state capital of Himachal Pradesh also known as the ‘Summer Capital of the British Raj’ — Shimla is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the country. The ‘Smart City’ status that has been recently bestowed upon Shimla has given this Himalayan city another reason to cherish. The Centre recently announced a list of 30 cities to be developed as smart cities. The Smart City Mission was launched in the year 2015 and till now 90 cities have made it to the list.

Dharamshala was brought under the Centre’s Urban Development Project last year and now Shimla has become the second city in Himachal Pradesh to have made it to the list of the smart cities in the country. The news spread in the state like forest fire after an announcement was made in the third and final list of the Smart City Mission at the National Workshop on Urban Transformation in New Delhi yesterday.

Things that would change in Shimla

Shimla’s Smart City tag would definitely help in the development of civic amenities in Shimla in a better way.  It would also standardise the amenities in the state.  It would also smooth the path for better infrastructure in urban transport, water supply, e-governance, storm water drainage, capacity building and institutional strengthening.

The Smart City project in Shimla would also facilitate better pedestrian facilities, parking provisions besides management of public transport system. In addition to the mentioned tasks the Smart City tag would also cover solid and waste water management, disaster mitigation, building safety and opening of recreational places.

Shimla Smart City Proposal 

A proposal has been to the MoUD that has mentioned about management of natural springs and storm water, rainwater harvesting tanks in forest areas, better management of public transport system, redevelopment of zonal hospital, parking provisions, pedestrian facilities.

Besides giving priority to developing adventure sports activities, eco-tourism and alternative modes of transportation among others, measures to alleviate fire and other hazards effectively has also been mentioned.

According to the proposal of Rs 2,906 crore submitted by Shimla authorities Rs 1,252 crore was for re-development of Lower Baazar, Ganj, Sabzi Mandi and Krishnanagar; Rs 1,280 crore for three transit corridors of the city and retro-fitting of circular road; and the remaining Rs 197 crore for citizen security and plan-city application of traffic management.



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