Shimla (Kotkhai) Schoolgirl Rape & Murder Case | 6 Arrested, Riots Break & CBI Takes Charge

After 11 days past the rape and murder of a 16-year-old minor school girl from Shimla, Kotkhai that shuddered the state of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla Police has finally arrested 6 men involved in the case. The Shimla Police made the arrests on Thursday 13th July following the investigation made by the Special Investigation Team, STI headed by the IG, Zahur Zaidi.

However, the relatives of the schoolgirl are doubtful about the STI’s investigation and are still seeking justice. To support the family of the victim and gain justice people of Himachal organized a protest on the streets of Kotkhai, Jubbal,  Theog and Shimla. Seeing the protest and dubiety of the victim’s kin the Himachal Pradesh Government has now handed over the investigation for the case to the CBI from the hands of Shimla Police.

Delayed Justice & Outbreak of Communal Anger in Shimla

Shimla Police reacted very ponderously in terms of the investigation while finding the main accused of the crime that was so inhuman and took the whole state of Himachal by storm. After 7 days of the incident that took the life of a 16 year old schoolgirl, and seeing the anger of the public rising slowly against the law and order of the city, Shimla Police finally decided to take the case seriously and formed a Special Investigation Team to take a closer look at the case. Upon conducting the special investigation, police finally arrested 6 men on Friday, i.e. after 3 days investigation.

But this did not satisfy victim’s family or the public of Kotkhai, Shimla in any way as they still are of the belief that the real accused might still be on the run. Victim’s family along with the people of their town organized a colossal protest in their hometown and did “dharnas” under the guidance of MLA Balbir Singh, who himself believes that a crime like this should not be forsaken at any cost, thus demanding the Government of Himachal Pradesh to hand over to CBI. People pelted stones at the police station and the police vehicles and blocked the roads completely.

The Case & The Arrests in Shimla Rape Case

On July 4, a 16-year-old girl from Kothai, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh was heading back home from her school and was offered a lift by a car driver named Raju. There were more 5 men sitting inside the car to which girl accepted the lift. The six men took the girl to an isolated place to commit the crime while taking away her life. The victim was brutally raped and strangulated to death by the accused. Police recovered the body of the victim from the same spot that of the crime which was in a deplorable condition.

The identities of all the six men arrested are Ashish Chauhan (Ashu,29) from Sharal village, Kothai, Rajender Singh (Raju,32) from Hiliala village, Deepak (Deepu,29) and Subash Bisht(42) both from Pauri Garwal, Lok Jung (Chottu,19) and Suraj Singh both from Nepal. All six of them were heavily drunk before committing the crime as bottles of alcohol have been recovered from the crime scene by the Shimla Police. Himachal Pradesh’s Government is trying to conduct more investigations for the case and right now the victim’s body and accused are going through medical examinations.

Source: Indian Express  

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