Shopping Splendor in Ladakh Lanes

Traveling is an adventure for many. But, there are shopping creatures who live and love shopping everywhere they go on earth. Leh Ladakh tour is all filled with surprises for the crazy shoppers. Ladakh tourism has swollen substantially in recent times and tourists and travelers come to the region for buying memoirs and souvenirs as their return gifts from Ladakh.

Government and various NGOs are also helping women in the regions of Leh Ladakh for sustaining themselves. It includes empowering them with handicrafts and other skills for making various jewelry or handmade items. You get the opportunity to support these women and enjoy your shopping simultaneously.  

Moti market near Leh Bus Stand

You can buy traditional and handcrafted clothes from this market. Take time to do the extra bargaining and enjoy eating street food as you get tired of your shopping moves. Tourists also frame these moments in their lenses as a remembrance of their visit to Ladakh. 

Tibetan market in old Leh road

Handicrafts, antiques, jewelry of precious and semi-precious gems, Shawls, handmade rugs, and carpets are the collectibles you can buy from here. Again, the mantra of negotiation will work. Tourists come to this market and fill their shopping bags with souvenirs, jewelry, and other gift items. 

Women’s Alliance in Changspa 

Women’s Alliance of Ladakh has a strong story behind. Womenfolk of the rural areas of Ladakh joined hands to preserve their stature and identity. Apart from regular farming, they started making handicrafts such as precious Ladakhi jewelry, and hand-woven woolens like pashmina shawls. 

The products beat high standards of quality and are very economically priced. Shopping at Women’s Alliance is a treat for your eyes and soul. 

Tibetan Handicraft Emporium on main Bazaar road

Handicrafts and artifacts flood the stalls of local vendor over here. People love to buy handmade stuff from here and are greeted with a sweet smile of the locales. Main Bazaar road is a crowded place, especially if you visit it during pleasing evenings. The local, as well as tourist crowd gathers here for shopping, eating or just hanging around.

Ladakh Art Palace on main Bazaar road

Ladakh Art Palace is home to precious Thangkas and numerous cloth paintings which depict the majesty of Buddhism and Buddhism influenced scenes. These are a perfect gift for your loved ones and you can buy them for adorning the walls of your home or take back home as souvenirs for remembering Ladakh.


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