Short Curly Hairstyles 2018-Which One Fits You Better?

Wearing short curly haircuts gives someone such a freeing feeling. There are a couple of advantages that you enjoy when you choose curl haircuts; you use less product, don’t spend much of your time styling and above all, you stay cooler during the summer and you have to do during the winter is just toss a scarf. Great!

However, the dilemma is usually on how to customize it to look unique and stand out from any other woman wearing the same style as you. Don’t worry. We got you covered. Here we give you some of the best and popular short curly hairstyles with different spirals and waves throughout the hair.

  • Fresh Stacked Bob

A fresh stacked short curly hairstyle will make you feel breezy and lightweight throughout the is effortless to style and also to maintain. All that you have to do is add some styling products to scrunch the curls. You are all right to start your day with a gorgeous hairstyle.

  • Playful Sleek Twist

This is a sleek and sensual twist. It is the height of minimal fuss, stylish hair that is wash-and-go. It is much-preferred style by most ladies thanks to shape and the fact that it is styled to work with curly hair naturally. It is easy to keep and recreate.

It is an ideal style for women with curly hair and busy professionals. So if you don’t have time to spend on hairstyling, but you need a sharp look, consider this soft twist.

  • Disconnected Curly Pixie

This is a detached curly pixie. This haircut doesn’t need much styling to appear fabulous.

It looks great on women with natural curls, but those with straight hair can also wear it, but they will need to use hairstyling product to give it some hold and texture. If you choose this hairstyle, be ready for frequent touch-ups — no daily styling but, visiting your stylist now and then is inevitable.

  • Naturally Curly Hair

This is a youthful and sexy style for ladies who want to embrace their natural texture. The shape and the technique used to revive the hair is just on point.

This style is ideal for ladies with naturally curly hair. It suits most shape shapes. It is simple to wear and also a fabulous wash-and-wear style.

  • Contemporary, Short Curly Hair

This is described as a contemporary harbinger. What we like about this haircut is that it is sophisticated with an edge. It exudes a lot of professionalism with a unique personality. It is complicated and badass as well. It is all a well-rounded modern woman requires.

This style will look great for all ladies looking for a short curly hairstyle with character and uniqueness. It is a highly versatile hairstyle that it will complement your business lady, your modern professional and older women who love styles, or a young girl who is looking for something different.

  • Curly Lob

This is long bob. The style is elongated at the front and short at the back. It is effortless to pull back the hair and looks more exciting than standard bob.

This short curly haircut is ideal for women with curly and wavy hair. However, it can be customized for straight hair with minimal layers. It can also look great when locks and twists out are incorporated on the textured hair.

This look can make a face seem longer than it is, and it is effortless to pull back if you are engaged in active activities. You can wear it in a low ponytail, or with the hair down. It is an ideal style for women who don’t want something so dramatic, but a hairstyle that is different from a standard bob.

  • The Perfect Point

This is a fabulous look. It is that simple but defines what curly hair is all about. The strong shape and great movement are all that defines a curly hair. A well-textured hair offers you many opportunities to play with different shapes and techniques. In this hairstyle, the perfect cut is styled at the back, and it is the focal point of this style. The rest of the layers are swept to the front and sides to reveal the cut point at the nape.


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